Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (2023)

I think most of us would agree that the dryer is one of the most handy pieces of equipment in the house. If they don't work, we want to get them working quickly.

The most common reason an Amana dryer will not work is that it is not powered. This could be a problem with the power supply, e.g. B. a tripped circuit breaker or a bad outlet. If not, it is an internal problem, e.g. B. a blown thermal fuse or a damaged power cord.

Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (1)

Of course, a power issue is just one of many different issues that can cause an Amana dryer to not work. If you look through the list below, you will likely see another problem that needs to be addressed in your home.

Amana dryer not working

Since a power issue is the number one reason why an Amana dryer may stop working, we're going to look at the most common reasons why this could happen to you and what you can do about it.

tripped circuit breaker– If a circuit breaker trips, the dryer will not receive power. A dryer will run itself with a special breaker, so make sure it's labeled on the breaker box.

A tripped switch is slightly misaligned with other switches and may have a red line on one side. Turn the switch off and on again.

If the circuit breaker continues to trip, contact an electrician. It could be a switch or wiring issue that needs to be addressed.

container- While sockets generally don't break, the plug on your Amana dryer is a special part. Be careful when working with this as it involves high voltage.

If you suspect the outlet needs to be replaced, contact an electrician. You should not work on a high voltage outlet unless you know what you are doing.

Energy cable– Check the power cord carefully for damage. Look for burned areas or a bent or missing pin in the connector itself. Replace pigtail if damaged.

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Check the door lock

Your Amana dryer may stop automatically when you open the door. This is a safety feature built into the dryer.

If the door interlock or sensor is not working properly, the dryer may shut down thinking the door is open. You can use a multimeter to check continuity at the latch and sensor.

thermal fuse– There is a fuse in your Amana dryer that regulates the temperature and shuts everything down if it gets too hot. If the thermal fuse blows, the dryer may not stop.

start switch– One of the most common issues faced by many Amana dryer owners is the start button not working. You can use a multimeter to check the switch.

dryer settings– Since your tumble dryer does not only have an on/off switch, you should familiarize yourself with the settings. If any of them are not set correctly, the dryer may not start.

Amana dryer will not turn on

Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (2)

If your Amana dryer won't turn on, you likely have a problem with the power button. Try this to make it work.

If the power button on your Amana dryer is not working properly, you will not be able to turn it on. It is powered for the lights to work, but the switch must work for it to start. Test the switch with a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

Sometimes the dryer will make noise to indicate that it is not working. For example, if the problem is the switch, it probably doesn't make a sound when you try to turn it on.

On the other hand, when you try to turn on your dryer, it may make a buzzing noise or a slight hum. This is not usually a switch problem, but could be a motor problem.

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In addition to the key, it is possible to test the engine with a multimeter. If it's bad, it probably needs to be replaced. Some engine problems can be fixed, but it might be worth the expense of just replacing the engine as it should last a long time.

Another problem that can prevent the dryer from starting is a problem with the door switch. This is the switch that activates when the door is closed and lets the dryer run.

If the door switch is broken, the tumble dryer will not start. This is a safety system built into the Amana dryer to prevent it from operating with the door open.

Another issue that can prevent the tumble dryer from starting is a problem with the main control board. You can't just test the control board, but you can inspect it.

If you see burned spots or cracks on the control board, it should be replaced. The control board cannot be repaired.

Amana dryer does not rotate

Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (3)

We need our Amana spin dryer to dry and tumble dry the clothes. That went wrong when the dryer stopped spinning.

The main reason your Amana dryer has stopped spinning is that the drum rollers are damaged or worn out. In this case, the drum will not rotate. Try rotating the drum by hand when the dryer is off. If it's stuck or difficult to turn, the rollers are probably worn.

There are also other issues that can cause the drum not to rotate. These include drive belt problems.

If the drive belt breaks, the drum will stop rotating. When this happens, you may smell burning rubber and it will stop suddenly instead of stopping gradually.

The drive belt can also stretch over time. This is a problem usually associated with dryer overload. A stretched drive belt must be replaced.

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Another problem that can prevent the drum from rotating is when the bearing supports become worn and need to be replaced. Try turning the drum by hand and if it seems stuck, there is likely a problem with the bearings.

Amana dryer keeps turning off

Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (4)

It can be frustrating when a dryer keeps turning off, but it's something that can be fixed.

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A failed drive belt is the number one cause of an Amana dryer constantly shutting down. It usually occurs a few minutes after the driver exits and may be accompanied by a burnt rubber smell. Drive belts can stretch over time, especially if you frequently overload your dryer. Replace drive belt.

Another possible reason for the dryer to shut down is that the door lock is not working properly. The door latch allows the dryer to operate and if it is broken the dryer thinks the door is open.

You can start the dryer with a bad door lock, but the vibrations will eventually trigger it to stop the dryer.

Another thing to check is the humidity sensor. This device detects when clothes are dry to prevent the dryer from running too long.

If the humidity sensor is not working properly, it may send erroneous signals to the control center to shut down the dryer at the wrong time.

The Amana dryer turns on but does not turn on

Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (5)

If an Amana dryer won't turn on, it's an issue that needs your attention.

A blown or defective thermal fuse is the most common reason for an Amana dryer to turn on but not start. The thermal fuse is used to shut off the power supply to the dryer in the event of overheating. Once the fuse blows, the dryer may not start even though it powers the controller.

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If there are problems with the thermal fuse, it must be replaced. Until you replace it, you still have the same problem with your dryer.

Other issues that can prevent an Amana dryer from starting include a faulty door latch or unplugging the dryer from an extension cord.

Amana dryer won't turn on, just buzzes

Amana dryer not working - DIY ready (6)

Is your Amana dryer buzzing but won't turn on? It's probably a belt or motor problem.

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The two most common reasons a dryer hums and won't turn on are a burned out motor or a broken belt. The belt can be visually inspected for defects and the engine tested with a multimeter. You can replace the motor and belt to get everything working again.

If the problem isn't with the belt or motor, it could be a problem with the defective pulleys. In fact, any part of the machine that works while the drum is running could be at fault.

If your Amana dryer isn't working, the first thing you should do is look for the power source. If the machine has no power, e.g. B. due to a defective cord, circuit breaker or outlet, it must be repaired. If not, it could be a problem with the door lock or thermal fuse. Each of them is pretty easy to fix.

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