➤ Autoblow AI Review: How good is this AI blowing machine? (2023)

beforeAuto-Atem-KI, VIECI, the company that created it, launched an Indiegogo campaign thatCrowdfunding oder InfameAutotreffer 2.

It became the most successful crowdfunded sex toy for men of all time, selling over two hundred thousand.

A few years later thatAutomatic AI was invented.

Autoblow AI is literally changing the way male sex toys are made and introducing a new AI feature that allows the toy to innovate and create new ways to bring you pleasure every time you use it prepare.

To update

To be honest, Autoblow seems to be AIvery low techCompared to the latest releases from the pioneers of SexTech,lovejKiiroo.

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  • Which is?
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Which is?

Autoblow AI is amale masturbation toyThat iscontrolled by an AI system.

The AI ​​program in Autoblow AI allows you to replicate and simulate over 10 different blowjob experiences using 16 blowjob techniques.

It also gives you full control over how you want to feelYou can also control the speed and intensity of each hit🇧🇷 It really is the best modern way to have a little - or a lot - of fun alone.

what makes you special

It has a unique, new and very powerful motor that makes it one of the most intense male masturbators on the market today. The sensations you get are strong and powerful.

Likewise,gives you full control over how hard or soft you want your action to be.

The sleeve and claw design is unique, making it realistic and very human. When you put the penis in, the clamp closes around it and starts to move up and down, creating an incredible sensation due to the resulting friction.

The soft shell is sensual and hugs your cock almost like a real mouth and tongue. The cuff and sleeve combo works with all penis sizes, so men of all sizes can enjoy every stroke.

The AI ​​that controls the movements of Autoblow AI is the best feature of it. Autoblow AIcomes with a built-in minicomputer and four sensors🇧🇷 This allows the AI ​​program to move the gripper to one of over 250 points.

The AI ​​was created after studying over 6,000 minutes of pornography and identifying as many different blowjob styles as possible. The AI ​​model recognizes over 16 blowjob techniques and recreates these movements in Autoblow AI.

The Autoblow AI is pre-programmed with 10 different blowjob experiences. You can control the speed and intensity of these experiments with the Autoblow AI buttons. If you want to try something completely different,One of the 10 modes is called Enhanced Experience Mode.

It allows you a special AI assisted blowjob experience that is always different as the machine regularly changes its technique until you finish or turn it off.

It also has an edge function. The Edge feature allows youpause the Autoblow AI mid-hub by pressing the Climax control button.

However, Autoblow AI is not standing still.

It also remembers what you've done. So when you're ready to continue, simply press the Climax control button again and it will perform the exact same movements you pressed during the pause, at the exact same speed.

The story of how the AI ​​blow job came about is interesting.

Essentially, it determines how much penis is in the donor's mouth at any one time.

that wasdetermined by watching over 6,000 minutes of oral sex pornography (8,333 minutes to be exact) at 50% speed🇧🇷 The researchers then manually moved a head indicator along a penis indicator to mimic the actions on the screen.

After quality control, machine learning algorithms were used to discover the 16 most common mouth spots on a penis during a blowjob.

It is safe to say that after completing the investigationMost employees were completely desensitized to pornographic videos, especially oral sex videos. Furthermore, most of the companies involved in the investigation did not want to associate their names with the project for fear of the opinion of their customers.

You see, most of these AI and machine learning research companies are collaborating with FinTech companies and government organizations. The consequences and stigma that can come with working with a male sex toy company could ruin her.

it is soon50% quieter than its predecessor, plus 3 times more power🇧🇷 It also has a series of LED indicators that tell you what mode you are in and what speed you are using. Autoblow AI has 10 pre-programmed speed modes, all customizable to ensure the highest level of personal enjoyment.

What's in the box?

Autoblow's AI is crowdfunded on Indiegogo. It launched in October 2017 and has since far surpassed its original goal of $50,000. 20 beta test working units have already been built. The market launch is planned for May 2019. The Indiegogo version comes with a mouthpiece cover.

However, you can purchase a vaginal or anal sleeve separately.VIECI, the company that makes Autoblow AI, has also partnered with RealDoll, a Californian sex doll manufacturer, to develop an optional, highly realistic mouth seal.

How it works?

Autoblow would combinethe performance of a microcontroller, infrared ray sensors and magnetic ray sensorsso the claw can move over 250 different points. It has a running tier that is 5 inches long, which is the average distance a regular blowjob travels.

There are four factors that make men enjoy oral sex: friction, grip, speed, and glide. Autoblow AI carefully balances all of these factors.

All you have to do is insert your lubricated penis into the orifice and thenThe faux leather case with the clip will work together to make you feel great🇧🇷 All you have to do is control the cycles by pressing the buttons to increase or decrease the speed.

With several different strokes to get there, everyone, regardless of penis size, will be able to please. The tweezers slide the sleeve like a real mouth, caressing your penis and giving you maximum pleasure.

Autoblow AI is realthe world's first sex toy that uses artificial intelligence technology to increase the realism of blowjobs.

The team that built the AI ​​studied over 6,000 minutes of pornography and then used machine learning techniques to analyze the massive data set of oral sex videos. This led to the compilation of data on actual oral sex techniques. With this information, they developed the 10 Blowjob Experiences, including:

  1. the complete course: The entire length of the penis is caressed with every movement without change. You simply feel pleasure all over the shaft of your penis over and over again.
  2. intense edge: This experiment is perfect for controlling when you ejaculate. It offers a combination of fulls and rests where you have about 8 seconds of fulls followed by a 3 second rest.
  3. fast edge: This is a variation of the intense avant-garde experience. The fast edge gives you 20 seconds of full hits followed by a 5 second pause.
  4. slow and fast combination: This experience mixes things up a bit, including a mix of slow and fast movements. You can control the strength and speed of these two blows with the Autoblow AI buttons.
  5. higher education: This experience only caresses the top of the machine. So if you have a shorter penis, this is the experience for you.
  6. background course: This experiment focuses on the underside of the machine. It caresses the bottom area with varying intensities, all of which are determined by you. This experience is great for people with longer penises.
  7. Drag up and down: this experience alternates beats from top to bottom and vice versa.
  8. feat one: This experience is a fusion of several experiences. You can combine top lift, bottom lift and full lift.
  9. feat two: This experiment is a variation of Masterstroke One. Besides the combination of superior punch, bottom punch and full punch, you also get different speed variations on the punches to make things even more interesting.
  10. Full AI experience: When in AI mode, Autoblow AI combines all learned techniques at different speeds to ensure a different blowjob experience every time. If you like surprise blowjobs, this is how you get them. Just pick experience 10 and let her go to town on your penis.

Always use Autoblow AI with some water-based lubricant.Do not use oil or silicone based lubricants., as these can easily damage the sleeve.

When you're done, it's a breeze to clean up. All you have to do is remove the mango and pour out its contents. Then you need to turn it over and wash it carefully with warm soapy water and let it dry completely.

It's good practiceLet it sit and dry for at least two hoursbefore putting it back into the machine.

However, if you are not that patient, you can use a hand dryer to dry the mango.

how it feels

Autoblow AI is one of the most realistic male masturbation toys on the market. The sleeves feel almost like flesh, and if you use enough lube before sticking your penis in, you can almost imagine your mouth getting wet.

The various movements also available with Autoblow AI keep things interesting. It is almosthow to get sucked by 10 different mouths, all with different techniques.

The AI ​​experience is the best experience you can have with a toy like this. Always changing, always surprising you with a new feeling you've never felt before, you'll never want to buy a sex toy again once you have it. You will be surprised how good it feels. No pun intended.

When you climax, you can do it on your own terms. You can postpone it untillet's see how long you can lastand make it even more intense, or you can choose to get to the point and break free.

Either way, you're guaranteed to climax multiple times using Autoblow AI. Try to have fun climaxing in all the different modes and then use the AI ​​mode a few times which will be different each time you blow it up.


  1. it isone of the most innovative sex toys for men🇧🇷 The AI ​​function only exists in this toy and no other.
  2. It is wonderful. The R&D team spared no expense to ensure the Autoblow AI is as realistic as possible. They even went a step further to ensure that you feel like you are dealing with a very experienced mouth.
  3. ThatPlug into any socket, so you don't have to worry about expensive batteries and charging

In contrast

  1. The fact of not using a battery andmust be connected for each usemakes it a very limited usability.
  2. If you have a thick penis, Autoblow AI will not work for you at lower speeds. It just stops and you have to manually increase the speed to get it working again.
  3. It has no handle or table support.

Who is it for and why?

This is the ultimate sex toy for the modern man. When you loveBe in control and enjoy spending time alone, this is the toy for you.

The breadth of power and capabilities of Autoblow AI are out of this world. With this toy you just have to sit back and enjoy the sensations, switching from one mode to another until you reach the final climax.

It is alsoideal for couples who like things interesting🇧🇷 Whether you're in a man-man or man-woman relationship, you and your partner can have hours of fun with Autoblow AI.

It really is the coolest and best way to keep things interesting and exciting in the bedroom.


LosAuto-Atem-KIIt is a great sex toy for men that is way ahead of its time. be one ofthe first fully AI controlled toy on the market today, completely outperforms the competition because there is almost nothing else that compares.

If you want to have fun with the latest technology, this is how you can do it.

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➤ Autoblow AI Review: How good is this AI blowing machine? (6)


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