Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (2023)

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (1)

Breville has become a household name in the world of espresso machines with a full line of semi-automatic espresso machines. In the mid to high range, there are two comparable machines: Breville Barista Pro vs. Touch.

In my opinion, there is no clear winner between Barista Pro and Touch. This onebarista touchit's an updated option with a nice touchscreen and automatic steam wand at a higher price point. This oneprofessional baristait has a manual vape wand and a simpler (but still pretty cool) LCD screen. Both machines feature Breville's Thermojet heating systems and built-in grinders, so you get quality espresso.It really comes down to how much you're willing to pay for the convenience of Barista Touch.

Over the years, I have used and tested countless automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines, including the Breville Barista line. In this Breville Barista Pro vs Touch comparison, I detail all the differences and similarities between these two machines to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Main differences

Let's start with the differences that separate these two machines. The main point is the different screens, as the ease of use for making espresso drinks is what sets them apart. The aesthetics, steam nozzle and drink options are also slightly different.

design and usability

The biggest difference between these two machines is the screens. The Breville Barista Pro features a simple LCD display with blue backlighting and buttons, while the Barista Touch has a full-color touchscreen.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (2)

It's worth reviewing the two screens individually:

Barista Touch: Full "Touch" Features

As the name suggests, the Breville Barista Touch features a full-color touchscreen with more customization options than the Barista Pro. The barista's touchscreen lets you select espresso strength and milk temperature and create eight drink profiles. These personalized espressos can have individual images and names.

Personally I liked the eight customizable drink profiles as my partner has different preferences. This is useful when you want to use this espresso machine in a shared environment, e.g. B. in a family home or office.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (3)

Another feature that makes these espresso machines easy to use is the "Empty Me" sign that appears when the drip tray is full.

Barista Pro: LCD-Digitalanceige

The Breville Barista Pro LCD display allows you to view information about grind time, grind size, one or two shots of espresso and extraction controls (water temperature and pre-brew time). Navigate on the screen with the grinding amount display, as the screen is not interactive.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (4)

You can program the Barista Pro's one- and two-serve settings, including a longer pre-brew time. The pre-infusion setting is good as a longer pre-infusion results in a better disc and avoids channeling issues.

Other than these two controls, there is no other customization. Since it's a manual steam wand, there are definitely no cappuccino or latte controls like the Barista Touch.

Who has the best screen? Barista touch.

Personally, I prefer the Breville Barista touchscreen. If you love a modern touchscreen and want to save different coffee drink preferences, choose Barista Touch.

If you already know how to make espresso and like traditional button controls, choose Barista Pro. The Pro is also easy to program, as detailed in ourbarista pro full review.

Overall, both Breville espresso machines are easy to use and suitable for beginners and baristas looking to hone their craft.

drink options

When it comes to drink options, Barista Touch is the winner.There are customizable settings for latte, flat white, and more. Did I mention that you can choose the amount of ground coffee according to your preference. You can also adjust coffee strength, milk temperature and texture.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (5)

In addition to being able to save 8 drink recipes, the Barista Touch has 5 pre-programmed drinks: espresso, americano, cappuccino, flat white and latte, in addition to the option of hot water for tea preparation.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (6)
(Video) Breville Barista Pro Vs. Barista Touch | Comparison | 2020

Barista Pro does not have this option. It's not because you can't make different drinks. You certainly can. However, the Pro is a more "classic" semi-automatic espresso machine, where you prepare the espresso and milk froth by hand.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (7)


Both Barista Pro and Barista Touch have a very similar aesthetic. These machines have a brushed stainless steel exterior. However, the Barista Touch is only available in silver and black, while the Pro comes in five different color options.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (8)

Both machines have modest footprints. The dimensions of the Breville Barista Pro are 13.9 x 16.1 x 16 inches and it weighs 20 pounds. The Breville Barista Touch, meanwhile, measures 12.7 x 15.5 x 16 inches and weighs a little over 26.8 pounds. Barista Touch is wider while Barista Pro is deeper and bulkier as it has thicker parts. Both should fit in your kitchen without taking up too much space.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Breville Barista Touch has a touchscreen (as mentioned), which gives it a more modern look over the Barista Pro.

Both espresso machines come with a built-in grinder, steam wand, drip tray and 67-ounce water tank. The water reservoir is removable on both machines, so there's no need to keep a pitcher handy for refilling. In addition, it is easier to clean and maintain the water tank.

Steam Wand: Manual Milk Frother (Barista Pro) Vs Automatic (Barista Touch)

The next difference between the Breville Barista Pro and the Barista Touch is in the steam rods of these espresso machines.

The Barista Pro has a manual steam frother that creates a nice micro-foam of milk for your latte macchiato and cappuccino. This steam wand is more practical. You need to hold the milk container and keep an eye on the foam. You'll be able to create latte art, but there's a learning curve if you've never done it before.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (10)

The Breville Barista Touch features a more advanced automatic steam wand. The drip tray has a built-in thermometer that allows you to create microfoam based on the temperature and texture settings of the milk.

The touch steam nozzle is easier to use as it creates microfoam for dairy drinks without using your hands. You can walk away while the steam wand does its job.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (11)

However, always make sure the Barista Touch milk carafe is on the temperature controller. Otherwise, the wand will not register the temperature and will continue to froth and try to heat the milk. I once left without setting the milk carafe properly and when I came back there was milk everywhere.

The rotation is different on the two machines. The Barista Touch's steam wand just goes up and down, while the Barista Pro has a ball joint that rotates (nearly) 360 degrees. This makes it easy to manually vape with the Pro and stay in Touch with the automatic options.

You can also create latte art with both machines. That said, both steam wands can create the proper microfoam, but you have to learn how to serve the latte 🙂

Value & Value: Pay more for advanced Barista Touch features

Both the Barista Touch and Barista Pro are inexpensive espresso machines. In absolute terms, both machines are significant investments. We always find this in ours.espresso reviewsYou get what you pay for.

Both espresso machines are worth the price. They have a built-in coffee bean grinder, fast heating technology and high quality steam sticks. Stainless steel is extremely durable, so you can expect these machines to last for years.

The Barista Pro is the less expensive of the two machines:

(Video) Breville Barista Pro vs Barista Touch

Check the Barista Pro price in Breville

The Barista Touch coffeemaker is about $200 more expensive than the Barista Pro. With the Barista Touch, you get an interactive touch screen, eight pre-programmed recipes and a powerful automatic steam wand.

Check the price of Barista Touch in Breville

Is the price difference worth it? You decide.Do you really need a touchscreen or can you just use the toggle buttons? And the pre-programmed coffee recipes? Nice to have, but if it doesn't make a huge difference to your coffee maker's day-to-day use then you don't need it, so there's no need to pay extra for it.

brevillesometimesDescontos no Barista Touch, por isso recomendamos consultar os preços em diferentes pontos de venda ao longo do tempo. Visite também o site da Breville para outras opções de cores, como Truffle Black.

(Video) Comparing the Breville Barista Series of Espresso Machines

Key similarities: Both make excellent espresso with quality burrs.

I've talked a lot about the main differences between these top-of-the-line espresso machines. Here are the two biggest similarities.

express/internal quality

Both the Breville Barista Touch and the Barista Pro have a Thermojet heating system that provides the water to prepare in 3 seconds. It's much faster than most other espresso machines and the Breville Barista Express thermal coil system. Fast heat-up time extends to cooking and steaming temperatures.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (12)

It took me about 45 seconds from the moment I pressed the power button to the moment I was able to take my first sip of espresso. If you're like me and can't function first thing in the morning without a shot of caffeine in your system, you'll love this.

In addition to Thermojet technology, both machines have digital temperature control with PID. The PID is a sensor that ensures that the water temperature is constant. Thanks to the PID, the water temperature does not rise or fall and boiling water does not come out of the machine. The PID maintains a constant temperature for optimal juice extraction. As a result, you'll have a flavorful and powerful espresso every time you take a shot.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (13)

Also note that these machines have single boiler systems. You cannot brew and froth milk at the same time. However, the waiting time between these two processes is negligible thanks to the extremely fast warm-up time with the Thermojet.

Finally, another factor that contributes to high quality espresso shots is low pressure pre-brewing. Both machines have a pre-infusion option. This means that the ground coffee is wetted at low pressure before the water passes through the coffee at high pressure. This also helps with even extraction and results in a better espresso flavor.

integrated burr mill

Another thing the Breville Barista Touch and Breville Barista Pro have in common is the built-in grinder. Both machines have a conical grinder that lets you choose how finely you want your coffee ground and how much ground coffee you want. Burr mills consistently createdegree of grinding, with which an optimal extraction of flavors and aromas is achieved.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (14)

Both grinders come in 30 sizes, giving you more freedom to choose the right setting. It's important to get it rightdegree of grindingfor coffee, especially for espresso. The correct grind varies by bean, and Breville's 30 settings make it easy to get the best espresso flavor.

You can also adjust the amount of ground coffee per serving with each grinder. Place the portafilter under the grinder, press the start button and you have a full basket. It's easier to measure each portion and there's less trouble adjusting the portafilter.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (15)

Recommendation: Depends on the buyer

Both the Breville Barista Pro and the Barista Touch are excellent semi-automatic espresso machines. The Thermojet system, powerful steam nozzles and integrated coffee grinder make excellent espresso or latte drinks.

However, the two machines have different advanced features and different prices. The right choice depends on your preference for ease of use (Touch) versus price (Pro).

With that important caveat, I'll provide separate recommendations for who each machine is best suited for.

Breville Barista Touch Buyer

The Breville Barista Touch is more automated than the Breville Barista Pro. With pre-programmed espresso recipes and a high level of customization and adjustable parameters, there's less of a learning curve.

The Barista Touch also features automatic milk texture, making it easy to create microfoam.

Buy Barista Touch if:

  • you are a beginnerBarista Touch is easier to use, comes with pre-programmed drinks and lets you get your espresso at the push of a button
  • You want an espresso machine for an office or a home.Barista Touch can save 8 different profiles.
Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (16)
(Video) Breville Barista Touch vs. Oracle Touch

Breville Barista-TouchIt is an espresso machine that is extremely easy to use. Using the touchscreen, you can easily select from five pre-programmed drinks, set your own options and even save eight different custom drink setups. It uses the latest Thermojet heating, an integrated grinder and has an automatic steam wand. A great choice for home or office.

Check Breville

Breville Barista Professional Buyer

The Breville Barista Pro has a more classic brewing system and a manual steam wand. It comes with a bit of a learning curve and is a bit less suitable for beginners.

Buy Barista Pro if:

  • do you wanta machine that allows you to be more practicalwith express.
  • DoI prefer the physical buttonsInstant touchscreen.
  • They areon a budgetand want a cheaper option.
Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch: Key Differences Compared (17)

professional baristait's one of our favorite Breville espresso machines. It uses the latest Thermojet technology, an integrated grinder, and a four-hole manual steam nozzle. The LCD display can be easily programmed through multiple inputs.

Click here for our full Breville Barista Pro review

Check Breville

(Video) Breville Barista pro vs. Barista Express | Crew Comparison

Breville Barista Pro vs. Breville Barista Touch: Final Thoughts

Deciding on a winner among Breville Barista Pro. vs. Breville Barista Touch really depends. Ultimately it depends on your budget and preferences, but whichever of these machines you choose, you're going to get a quality coffee maker that will last for years to come.

You can also see themcomplete line of Breville espresso machines, where we summarize the different characteristics of each machine.


What is the difference between barista touch and barista pro? ›

The Barista Touch is an upgrade pick with a nice touch display and an automatic steam wand at a higher price. The Barista Pro has a manual steam wand and a simpler (yet still very good) LCD display. Both machines have Breville's Thermojet heating systems and built-in grinders, so you'll get quality espresso.

What is the difference between barista touch and Oracle touch? ›

With the Barista Touch, you get 30 precision grind settings. Meanwhile, the Oracle Touch offers 45 precision grind settings. The more pricer Oracle Touch comes with a 58mm commercial grade portafilter, whilst the more affordable Barista Touch offers a 54mm portafilter.

Is the Breville Barista Pro worth it? ›

After buying and using the Breville Barista Pro for some time, I highly recommend this espresso machine. We've reviewed other Breville models, and the Barista Pro is one of the best! The ThermoJet system, integrated conical burr grinder, and LCD display deliver delicious espresso drinks and it's easy to use.

Is the barista Pro better than the Express? ›

The biggest difference between the two machines is the digital vs. analog displays. The Express has several buttons for different functions and an analogue pressure gauge in the middle of its interface. By comparison, the Pro has a bright, backlit digital display with smaller buttons.

What is the best barista coffee machine for home? ›

Best Espresso Machine of 2023 – Our Top Picks For Home Baristas
  • Breville BES840XL Infuser – Best Home Espresso Machine.
  • Rancilio Silvia – Runner Up.
  • DeLonghi EC155 – Budget Pick.
  • Mr. ...
  • Gaggia Classic Pro – Top Pick for Espresso Nerds.
  • Breville Barista Express – Best with Grinder.
  • DeLonghi DEDICA – Ideal for Small Spaces.
Jan 4, 2023

Does Barista Pro have cup warmer? ›

BEST ANSWER: It does not have a cup warmer.

Does the barista pro have a dual boiler? ›

Double Boiler: Dedicated brew and steam boilers allow for increased consistency. Thermoblock: A quick-heating boiler alternative for faster warm-up times. Heat Exchanger: Flash-heated brew water and a large steam boiler lets you brew and steam simultaneously.

Can you make hot chocolate with Breville Oracle Touch? ›

Making espresso shots, lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and even hot chocolate couldn't be any simpler or more intuitive thanks to Breville's user-friendly design.

Does barista touch dispense hot water? ›

A: Yes. You can dispense just hot water if needed. A: Yes, this machine does make espresso, which you can then use to create many different drinks. It does not create drip coffee.

Can the Breville Barista touch make hot chocolate? ›

A: Yes it can. There is a separate hot water spigot that , is right beside the brewhead where the portafilter is inserted for making espresso. I've also used the milk wand for heating/frothing milk to make outstanding hot chocolate from scratch.

Is 15 bar too much for espresso? ›

A 15 bar pump espresso machine has the maximum amount of pressure that can be applied to espresso. Does that make the coffee taste better? Not at all. Adding too much pressure to your espresso grind will make it taste overextracted: this means bitter or sour.

Is 19 bars of pressure good for espresso? ›

The ideal level of BAR passing through your coffee grounds should be around 7-11 BARs of pressure, though some espresso machines will be able to hit higher BAR. Machines capable of hitting 9 BARs of pressure will have the ability to produce a rich and concentrated espresso shot.

Is higher pressure better for coffee? ›

Most machines brew coffee at nine bars which takes about 25 to 30 seconds to pull a shot of espresso. If you're unsure, the rule of thumb is: lesser pressure means slower flow while higher pressure has faster flow. Your coffee needs time to be extracted so setting a higher pressure may not give the best results.

What is the best grind size for espresso Breville? ›

We recommend you start with a grind level 14 and adjust to your tastes from there. To do so, adjust the grind dial on the side of your machine. Move the dial closer to coarse for a less intense flavor, and rotate it toward fine for a richer flavor.

How hard is it to tamp espresso? ›

Baristas often recommend 30 pounds of pressure, but some do as little as 20 pounds. More and more are finding that tamping pressure is overrated—it's hard on the wrist and cause an over-extracted, bitter brew. Use a twisting motion as you pull up to “polish” the puck.

What is the difference between Sage Barista Express and sage barista pro? ›

The only difference relating to espresso quality is that the pro does have more adjustments (30 vs 18), so it does mean you have a slightly finer adjustment, and a bit more ability to dial in.

What is the difference between Oatly Barista Edition? ›

The Barista Edition has a higher fat content—3% to be exact—making it extra creamy. It's perfect in espresso and coffee, great for baking and cooking, and can even be enjoyed straight from the carton. Our Original oatmilk has a fat content of 2% and is delicious on cereal, in smoothies, or served straight up.

Can you make a cup of coffee with Breville Barista touch? ›

Using your Barista Touch™, you can enjoy fresh, third wave specialty coffee from the comfort of your own home. First, swipe the touchscreen and select 'Americano. ' Your first step toward making a delicious Americano is to grind the coffee beans. Next, tamp and trim the grounds for the perfect dose.

Does the barista Pro come with a milk jug? ›

Depending on your needs, the basket of your choice is placed into the portafilter holder when making your espresso. In addition, the so-called Razor precision dose trimming tool is included in the package. You will also receive a beautiful 480ml stainless steel milk jug, which is needed for foaming the milk.

Is Breville Barista Pro a double boiler? ›

The barista's choice for home espresso.

At the heart of this machine is a dual boiler heating system. The boiler, for the espresso shot, is PID temperature controlled, while a separate steam boiler offers instant and powerful steam on demand.

Does the barista pro have a double boiler? ›

The Breville Barista Pro has things that the Dual Boiler doesn't. Faster heat-up time functions and Integrated Conical Burr Grinder make this type of espresso machine becomes more attractive.

Why does barista oat milk taste better? ›

So, what makes Oatly Barista so good in coffee? Simply put, the additional rapeseed oil makes it taste creamier and more close to dairy milk. It won't split when you pour it in cold, and if you're lucky enough to have a milk frother at home, you could even get creative with some latte art.

Does Starbucks still use Oatly? ›

If you want an alternative to regular milk in your coffee drink, whether a hot or cold beverage, your local Starbucks is the place to be. Not only does their menu offer a variety of delicious drinks, but many local Starbucks regularly carry Oatly oat milk as an alternative.

Who are the key competitors of Oatly? ›

The main competitors of Oatly Group include The Hain Celestial Group (HAIN), B&G Foods (BGS), Beyond Meat (BYND), Vital Farms (VITL), Benson Hill (BHIL), Nomad Foods (NOMD), Simply Good Foods (SMPL), Flowers Foods (FLO), Dutch Bros (BROS), and Scholastic (SCHL).

Can you make hot chocolate with Breville Oracle touch? ›

Making espresso shots, lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and even hot chocolate couldn't be any simpler or more intuitive thanks to Breville's user-friendly design.

Can you make regular coffee with Barista Pro? ›

You can use it to make all your favorite coffee drinks, from espresso to cappuccino, lattes, and more. In this video, a professional barista guides you step by step through the process of creating a classic coffee beverage, the Americano.

Does the Breville Barista Pro have a cup warmer? ›

BEST ANSWER: It does not have a cup warmer.

Why do baristas tap the milk jug? ›

By banging the jug you are helping gravity come into effect and separate the milk and foam, which you then have to re-texture to pour. The only time you should bang the jug is when you have bubbles on the surface of the milk, which need to be popped.


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