Brother CS6000i computer sewing machine review (2023)

We bought the Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine so our reviewer could try it out on various DIY projects. Read on for our full review of the product.

The Brother CS6000i computer controlled sewing machine has many useful features. From a computer-controlled interface and one-step buttonhole function to an automatic threader and quick-change presser foot lever, the machine is a budding seamstress's dream. While he certainly ticks a lot of boxes in the role, we wanted to see if his personal performance measures up. We took our own Brother CS6000i and started some new projects to review. Read on for our verdict.

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Setup process: quick and easy

The Brother CS6000i is extremely easy to set up. The power cord plugs into the right side of the machine and the foot controller plugs into the back. As for sewing preparations, bobbin winding is easy and the automatic threader is fun. Between the detailed instructions in the manual and the instructions printed on the machine itself, you won't have any trouble getting it up and running.

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Design: Ideal for beginners

The Brother CS6000i is designed for simplified sewing. Winding the bobbin and threading the needle are easy tasks, especially with the automatic threader and instructions printed right on the machine.

The sewing area is well lit and easy to use. It comes with a detachable flatbed accessory that doubles as a storage compartment for additional accessories. You'll have to take it off when sewing things like hems and cuffs, but otherwise it's very useful. The machine also features a wide table top with sturdy legs, a must for larger projects like quilting. If you need to lower or raise the feeder, there is an adjustable slider on the back of the machine.

Next up is the Brother CS6000i, which has nine sewing feet to match the machine's 60 built-in stitches. To make the sewing process easier, there is a simple lever mechanism for changing the presser feet. The hardest part is aligning the new presser foot with its holder, but honestly, it's still very easy.

The Brother CS6000i is designed for simplified sewing. Winding the bobbin and threading the needle are easy tasks.

We only found a few minor design issues with the Brother CS6000i. When you place your spool of thread on the machine, the instruction manual will first guide you through the use of the cutter. But from our experience, when we started sewing, the thread was too short for sewing. As stated, this is a minor complaint as the problem can easily be fixed by waiting until you have sewn a few stitches before cutting the thread.

Our second complaint: You can't fully control the speed of the machine with the foot pedal. Instead, there is a slider that controls speed on the front of the machine. The machine was deliberately designed so that the CS6000i can be operated without a foot pedal. Instead of starting sewing by pressing the foot control, you can also press the round gray button with a straight arrow and the machine will start sewing by itself. (Note that this feature only works when the pedal is unplugged.) Once we got used to the slider, we found it to be a nice feature, especially for those who sew on the go, since they don't have to carry a foot pedal.

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Performance: Smooth navigation

Simply put, the Brother CS6000i is a workhorse. It creates 850 stitches per minute, has a one-step buttonhole sewing function, and can be used for a variety of projects. However, if you're looking for a machine that can sew heavier materials like leather or upholstery, look elsewhere. This machine does not have the high powered motor required for heavier fabrics.

We tried a few simple projects on this machine, including a pillow with decorative stitching. The sewing process was easy and the end result was great. One thing we love about this machine is howbeginner friendlyThat is. There are many decisions that need to be made before starting a project and it can be overwhelming. The Brother CS6000i helps to solve this problem in several ways. When you select a stitch, the LCD will show the sewing foot you need first. Second, the machine will not allow you to select a stitch width or length that is outside of the sewing foot dimensions. So the needle doesn't break.

Simply put, the Brother CS6000i is a workhorse.

We had a problem with the correct thread tension, but we found it easy to fix. When threading the needle, make sure that the sewing foot and the needle are facing up. If they are down, you will have line voltage problems. Once screwed in correctly, the cocking knob can be a bit difficult to master. We experimented and found that for regular fabrics it is best to keep the tension around "4".

Solving your problems is easy with the help of the manual. On the back you will find tables with the error codes and the corresponding corrections.

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Controls: easier than they seem

The controls on the Brother CS6000i sewing machine can seem confusing, but we found that after a quick perusal of the manual, they're actually pretty basic. Let's start with the two plus/minus buttons on the right side of the control panel (the LCD screen). The upper one is the stitch length adjustment button and the lower one is the stitch width adjustment button for zigzag or decorative stitches. Watch? Simply.

Below the control panel are two more plus/minus buttons. These are the stitch selection buttons. They correspond to the two largest digits on the LCD display. Simply put, the left button moves the digit to the left and the right button moves the digit to the right. This way you don't have to press a button 60 times when you want a higher numbered item.

One thing we love about this machine is how beginner friendly it is.

Below the control panel you will find the Speed ​​Control slider. When it's all the way to the left, it's on the slowest setting; When it's all the way to the right, it's on the fastest setting. You can still control the speed a bit with the pedal, but not too much.

There are three buttons to the left of the Speed ​​Control slider. The right button lowers or raises the needle. The center button is the reverse stitch control. Use the left button instead of the pedal. One touch turns the machine on and another touch stops it. There is no need to keep pressing it.

As for the watch faces, there are only two on the Brother CS6000i. The first, on the right side of the machine, moves the needle up and down. The second is in the upper left corner of the machine and is numbered. How to adjust the thread tension.

Price: Surprisingly cheap

But look for a cheap onehigh quality sewing machineis usually a difficult task. That's why we love the Brother CS6000i so much. At $180, it's affordable, reliable, and a great machine for a beginner or intermediate rider.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine vs Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

We mentioned earlier that the Brother CS6000i doesn't do well with heavier materials like leather, upholstery, or denim. While we love the ease of use of this machine with all its points and features, sometimes you need something a little more powerful.

oSinger Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing MachineIt has a metal frame and a powerful motor, making it a great entry-level machine for those who want to work with thicker materials. It can also sew up to 1,100 stitches per minute, while the Brother CS6000i can only sew 850 stitches per minute.

Both machines have an automatic threader and a similar function for sewing buttonholes. They're also generally in the same price range, and under $200 is a pretty good deal. Still, the Singer 4423 isn't computerized and doesn't come with as many sewing feet or other accessories. Also, it only has 23 built-in points, as opposed to 60 points on the Brother CS6000i.

Singer heavy-duty sewing machine offers continuous use

final verdict

Worth it.

The chances of finding a computerized sewing machine as versatile and affordable as the Brother CS6000i are slim to none. It's great especially for beginners, but advanced seamstresses will find it quite powerful as well.

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