Movie Review: "Back to the Future" (2023)

Another one in our fortnightly series where we look at currently released films. Why? To quote the writing mantra I created over 5 years ago:Watch movies. Read the scripts. write pages.You'll see what comes first. Here are my thoughts from this post on the importance of watching movies:

To be a good screenwriter, you need to have studied the world of cinema a lot. Every movie you watch is a potential reference point for your writing, from the story concepts you develop to the characters you develop and the scenes you build. Also, people working in the film industry are constantly referencing existing films when talking about the stories they are writing; It's a shorthand way of conveying what they want to say or imagine.

But more importantly, you have to watch movies to "understand" how movie stories work. Immersing yourself in the world of film is like a gestalt experience where you begin to intuitively understand scene composition, story structure, character roles, dialogues and subtexts, transitions and pacing, etc.

Let me add this: It's important to watch movies as soon as they're released to stay current. In Hollywood, decisions are made largely on the basis of movie performance. So if you watch movies when they come out, you're in the same mindset as managers, producers, executives, and buyers.

This week's movie:Back to the future, written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

IMDb Plot Summary: A young man is accidentally transported in a time-traveling DeLorean that his friend Dr. .

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For those who haven't seen the movie yet, please don't click MORE as we will be dealing with major spoilers. if you sawBTTF, I invite you to dissect and analyze the film with me.

The title logo appears on a black background. The scene starts at Dr. Emmet Brown (Cristobal Lloyd) Garage/home lab as the camera pans across a large collection of watches. A robotic can opener opens a can of spoiled dog food and empties the contents into a bowl full of dog food called "Einstein". The TV and radio turn on. On television, we see the end of an advertisement, followed by a female announcer announcing the recent theft of a box of plutonium.

The main garage door opens and Marty McFly (Michael j. zorro) Prohibited. Marty screams and then bends down to partially lift the mat. He places a bunch of keys under the rug and drops them again. Marty goes to the garage, calls Doc and whistles for Einstein. He comments on the chaos the place is in.

Marty drops the skateboard and rolls across the floor until he finds a hidden box of plutonium. He turns on Doc's amp system and turns all the settings to maximum. A hum gets louder in the background. Marty plugs his electric guitar into a massive amplifier, pauses, and plucks a string. The amplifier explodes, the impact knocks Marty into a falling bookcase, causing books and papers to fall on his head. Marty lifts his sunglasses and we can finally see his face.

"Wow...rock and roll," he says as a loud chime fills the garage. It looks like a fire alarm but I later found out it's just the phone. Marty gets up off the ground and answers. It is Doc who asks Marty to meet him at the Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 pm that night. M. Marty asks where he's been all week. Doc says it worked. Marty tells him that his gear has been left all week. Doc remembers this and tells Marty not to plug in the amplifier. "There is a small risk of overcharging," he says. Marty looks at the destroyed amplifier and says he'll remember this.

At that very moment, each and every one of the countless clocks goes off at the same time, chimes loudly, and Doc asks for them. Marty tells him it's eight o'clock. Doc is delighted with the information because it means his experiment worked and all of his clocks are 25 minutes slow... which means it really is 8:25 and Marty is going to be late for school. He shouts the news into the phone, hangs up, grabs his skateboard and runs out of the garage. Marty gets on his skateboard and skates through the streets, first in a pickup truck and then in another jeep to get around town.

Marty arrives in front of Hill Valley High School. He jumps off the skateboard and turns it over in his hand. His girlfriend Jennifer Parker (Claudia Wells) Waiting for you. She lets him know that the principal, Mr. Strickland (James Tolkan), is looking for him. Marty tells him that his being late is not his fault because Doc has turned his clocks back. Strickland suddenly appears upon hearing Doc's name, wants to know if Marty is still seeing Doc, and gives him and Jennifer a discount each; it is Marty's fourth in a row. Strickland warns Marty that Doc is a dangerous nutcase and that she will be in trouble if she keeps dating him. Strickland also rudely tells Marty that he is lazy, just like his father. "No McFly has ever done anything in the history of Hill Valley!" he says, bringing his face closer to Marty's until their noses are touching. Marty responds that history will change soon.

We entered the auditorium where a band had just finished playing. Four judges sit on chairs facing the stage and call the next band. Marty and his band take the stage and he introduces them as The Pinheads before starting the opening bars of The Power of Love. One of the judges (song artist Huey Lewis in a cameo) stops them and says they are too loud.

After school, Marty and Jennifer walk through Courthouse Square as a mayoral campaign truck drives by, chanting "Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson!" through your speakers. Marty tells Jennifer that he doubts she will ever achieve anything with her music. Jennifer tries to reassure him with her opinion that he is really good and encourages him to send his audition tape to the record company, but Marty expresses his fear that they will reject him. He looks up as a new Toyota 4x4 is delivered to the Statler Toyota dealership across the street and admires it and considers taking Jennifer on a weekend trip to the lake. Jennifer asks if Marty's mother knows of her plans for the following night. Marty assures her that her mother thinks she is going camping with the boys and that if she knew the truth she would freak out. Marty fears that his mother was probably born a nun. Jennifer assures him that she is just trying to keep him respectable. Their lips lock together, but just as they are about to kiss, a woman shoves a can in their faces and screams, "Save the bell tower! Save the clock tower!" The woman asks her to deposit the money that will go into a fund to save the clock tower, which has been frozen at 10:04 am since it was struck by lightning at that very moment on the night of November 12th, 1955. The mayor wants the watch to be replaced, but the Hill Valley Preservation Society believes this is an important part of their heritage and should be left alone. Marty gives him a room just to make him go away. She thanks him and hands him a pamphlet beforehand. to turn to the most unsuspecting passers-by.

Marty and Jennifer, now free of the conductor, are about to kiss when a car pulls up and honks loudly. He is Jennifer's father coming to pick her up. Jennifer quickly writes her number on the back of the Bell Tower flyer with "I love you!" followed by him. She gets in the car. Marty looks at the back of the steering wheel. He smiled.

Marty gets back on his skateboard and gets a police car to follow him. He returns to his hometown of Lyon Estates. Marty lets go of another car and slides through this opening into his house.

Driving home, Marty passes a wrecked BMW sedan being pushed into the driveway by a tow truck. Inside Marty's father, George McFly (Crispin Glover) argues with his supervisor Biff Tannen (Thomas F Wilson). Biff is upset that George loaned him a car without warning him of a blind spot, resulting in a head-on collision with another vehicle. George insists he never knew the car had a blind spot. He sees Marty and weakly greets him when Biff demands to know who's going to pay the cleaning bill, since beer spilled on his coat. Biff then asks George if he is done filling out Biff's reports. When George admits that he hasn't done them yet, a furious Biff smacks him in the head several times, reminding George that he needs time to rewrite them because he will be fired if he writes his reports in George's handwriting. He expresses despair that all they have in the fridge is "light" beer and pours himself a beer before leaving. After Biff leaves, George reluctantly admits to Marty that he is not good at confrontations. Marty asks about the car he would take to take Jennifer to the lake. George apologizes.

Later, the entire McFly family sits down to dinner: George, his wife Lorraine (Leah Thompson) and their sons Marty, Dave (Marc McClure) and beautiful (Wendie Jo Sperber). Lorraine drops a thin cake on the table. It says "Welcome Home, Joey", next to a picture of a bird flying out of prison. Uncle 'Jailbird' Joey has failed parole again. Linda scolds him for being a disgrace to the family. Lorraine reminds him that we all make mistakes in life.

After Dave tires of the conversation, he goes to work as a cashier at Burger King, while Linda tells Marty that Jennifer called and asked for him. This angers Lorraine, who tells Marty that "any girl calling a boy is just asking for trouble". When Linda tries to defend Marty, Lorraine is angered, insisting that when she was Linda's age, she never "chased a boy or called a boy". Child or sitting in a parked car with a child.” Linda wonders how she's supposed to meet anyone when she's going through life as Lorraine. Lorraine explains that it will happen the same way she met George. Linda rolls her eyes as Lorraine recounts how they met: Supposedly, George was up in a tree (George never explained exactly what he was doing) when he slipped, fell onto the road, and landed on the ground. Lorraine's father's car. After bringing him inside and tending to him, Lorraine felt so sorry for George that she invited him to the Submarine Enchantment Ball, which took place on the same night that lightning struck the clock tower. When they'd first kissed at the ball, she'd known she would spend the rest of her life with him.

Sometime after midnight, Marty wakes up to a call from Doc asking Marty to stop by the lab and get his forgotten video camera. Marty does and goes to the Twin Pines Mall. Once there, he finds Doc's truck in the parking lot, with his dog Einstein sitting nearby. As Marty steps out to greet Einstein, the back of the van opens and a heavily modified DeLorean DMC-12 sedan rolls up the ramp. The driver's door opens and Doc gets out, greets Marty and motions for Marty to start recording.

Doc puts Einstein in the DeLorean and arrests him, prompting Marty to write the time on the clock around Einstein's neck and on Doc's hand. Both are synced at the same time. Doc then closes the DeLorean's door and pulls out a remote, which he uses to maneuver the DeLorean into the parking lot. When the vehicle is a certain distance away, Doc slams on the brakes and begins to pick up speed before turning off the brakes and sending the DeLorean straight towards him and Marty. Suddenly, a bright light can be seen from inside the DeLorean as additional lights and fires are lit around it, and suddenly, as it reaches 88 mph on the speedometer, the car disappears in a trickle of light and electricity, leaving behind some flames streak behind the shiny tires. Doc cheers enthusiastically, but Marty is shocked, as it looks like Doc has just solved Einstein.

Doc exclaims excitedly that he has indeed sent Einstein into the future... one minute into the future, to be exact. He also praises the time machine construction of a DeLorean because it is elegant and the steel body panels are good conduits for the flow of energy that propels the car through time. As if on cue, the DeLorean materializes exactly a minute later where it disappeared, still at the same speed as before, and comes to a screeching halt, now covered in ice. When Doc opens the door, it is discovered that Einstein is alive and well, his clock is now one minute behind Doc's. Doc explains that Einstein probably believes the trip was instantaneous, unaware of a time change. Doc shows Marty a device called the "Flux Capacitor" in the cabin that allows time travel. Doc explains that he had a vision of the flux capacitor after an accident in his bathroom in 1955 that left him scratching his head. Though it took him 30 years of research and most of his family's fortune to develop; The project is a success and Doc plans a trip back in time. While talking to Marty, Doc absentmindedly sets the vehicle's target time to this date, November 5, 1955.

When Marty asks what the DeLorean runs on instead of gasoline, Doc tells him it requires plutonium and explains that it takes a nuclear reaction to generate 1.21 gigawatts to power the flux capacitor. Marty is alarmed and asks where Doc could have gotten this substance, and Doc tells him that he hired some Libyan terrorists to steal it from him, promising to build them a bomb. However, Doc tricked them and handed over a fake bomb.

Doc and Marty, dressed in yellow radiation suits, load another plutonium pellet into the DeLorean, and Doc begins his farewell speech to Marty and the camera.

At that moment, a VW Transporter pulls into the parking lot. A man comes down from the roof with an AK-47 and starts shooting. Doc yells at Marty to run; In the van are the Libyans that Doc tricked. Doc also tries to hide, but the Libyans' van pulls up in front of him. Doc drops the revolver and reveals that he intends to surrender, but the Libyan shoots holes in him. Marty screams and tries to hide, but is found too; when the Libyan tries to shoot him, his gun jams. Marty jumps in the DeLorean and flees, the van following close behind. When Marty returns to the parking lot, he decides to see if the truck can reach 90 mph.

As he runs to a photo booth, Marty doesn't see that the speedometer is reading 88 miles per hour or that the clock is set to November 5, 1955. Suddenly there is a flash of light and the cabin and parking lot are replaced by an empty meadow, and the car passes a scarecrow. Marty is startled, loses control of the DeLorean and crashes into a barn full of cows. The noise wakes up Otis Peabody and his family, who live on the farm next door, and they go outside to investigate the noise. When they open the barn doors, they are shocked by what they find: an apparently wingless plane has crashed onto their property. Peabody's son, Sherman, decides that the DeLorean is actually an alien vehicle, and shows his family a comic book depicting an alien's arrival. At that moment, the driver's door opens and Marty gets out, still in her radiation protective suit. Peabody and her family scream in terror, thinking Marty is an alien, and flee home.

Marty tries to apologize for the damage when Peabody suddenly comes back with a shotgun and starts shooting at him. Marty jumps back in the DeLorean and runs out of the barn as Peabody continues shooting at him. As Marty flees down the dirt road that leads to the highway, he accidentally passes one of the two small pine trees that line the road and are protected by a picket fence. Peabody shoots the car, destroying her own mailbox in the process and screaming, "You space bastard! You killed our jaws!

Marty reaches the dual carriageway and runs off, mumbling that the experience must be a nightmare, and heading back home. Arriving at Lyon Estates, he finds the stone gates that mark the entrance to the neighborhood, but to his surprise, instead of a street lined with houses, there is just an empty meadow with several parked construction vehicles and a large billboard. . . future housing development breaking through this winter.

Marty, still wearing his radiation protective suit, sees a car coming down the street and tries to hitch a ride, but the occupants are spooked by Marty's suit and drive on. When Marty discovers that the DeLorean has run out of gas, he removes his radiation protective suit and slides the DeLorean behind the billboard to hide it from passing motorists. He then notices a sign that says "Hill Valley: 2 miles."

Marty is next seen walking to the courthouse square in downtown Hill Valley. Hill Valley in 1955 is very different from Marty. Courthouse Square is an actual garden rather than a parking lot. Essex movie showsGado Montana Queeninstead of porn. The town's record store announces new records: 16 Shades of Merle Travis and George Brun's The Ballad of Davy Crockett. The Texaco station is a complete service station, where employees not only fill up, but also wash the windows and check the customer's engine and tires. A mayor's campaign car drives through the square, broadcasting announcements to remind residents to "Re-Elect Mayor Red Thomas!" Most importantly, the clock tower is still working, which is indicated, as Marty is startled, by his half-hour chime hearing . Marty still thinks he's dreaming, but realizes it's reality when he picks up a newspaper he threw in the trash and the date "May 5th". November 1955” at the top of the newspaper.

Marty enters Lou's Diner (which was the exit for an aerobics class in 1985), at this point occupied only by Lou Caruthers, the owner, and another customer, who is having breakfast at the counter. Marty goes to the phone booth and looks up Doc's address in the phone book, tearing the page out for him to look up later. When Marty tries to ask for directions, Lou tells Marty to ask for something or leave. Marty buys a decaf coffee after misunderstandings about Pepsi Free and Tab.

After Lou has poured Marty a cup of coffee, we now realize that the customer next to Marty is his future father. At that moment, the doors open and enter Biff and his friends Match, Skinhead and 3D, who have come to harass George. It turns out that Biff made George do his homework, something George neglected. When George admits that he didn't finish Biff's homework because he doesn't think he should turn it in until Monday, Biff gets angry and hits George on the head to remind him that he will be expelled from school if he turns in the homework. from home in Jorge's calligraphy. George finally agrees to finish Biff's essay and turn it in the next day, and Biff and his friends leave.

After Biff and his friends leave, the restaurant's waiter, Goldie Wilson (Donald Fullilove), berates George for letting Biff bother him all day. George insists that Biff is taller than he is, while Goldie points out that he doesn't expect to be a waiter for the rest of his life and that he plans to be famous one day. Marty recognizes Goldie right away, and before he knows it, he tells Goldie that he will be mayor in 1985. This plants the idea in Goldie's mind and he starts thinking about how he will clean up the city as mayor of Hill Valley. (to which Lou responds by handing him a broom and telling him to start sweeping the floor).

After George leaves the restaurant, Marty's curiosity is piqued and he follows him to another neighborhood. He briefly loses sight of him until he finds George's bicycle parked under a tree. He looks up to see George sitting on a branch and using binoculars to spy on a girl undressing in her room across the street. Marty is shocked to discover that George is a voyeur. George struggles to see better when he suddenly slips and falls out of a tree, landing in the street in front of an oncoming Cadillac. Marty instinctively runs, pushing George out of harm's way. The car stops but hits Marty, who hits his head on the sidewalk and is knocked unconscious. George gets on his bike and drives away as Sam Baines, the driver, yells at his wife that another boy has jumped in front of his car.

It's late at night when Marty arrives, it's raining outside and he's in a strange bed. His mother's voice says she's been gone for nine hours. Marty, still semi-conscious, jokes about a dream where he traveled through time. Lorraine's voice reassures him that he is all right and well in 1955. This causes Marty to jump just as a lightbulb goes on and he is startled to see Lorraine in 1955, a very attractive teenager. Lorraine starts flirting with Marty almost immediately, thinking his name is "Calvin Klein" (because he is the brand of underwear Marty wears). Marty instinctively panics when Lorraine tries to attack him and it looks like she is trying to kiss him. Fortunately for Marty, this is cut short when Lorraine's mother, Stella, calls her over for dinner.

At dinner, Marty meets the rest of Lorraine's siblings, including her brothers Milton and Toby, her sister Sally, and, in the crib nearby, baby Joey. Stella admits that Joey loves his crib and cries every time they try to move him. Marty recognizes Joey as the prison's future inmate and can't resist teasing the baby: "You better get used to these bars, boy..." The family eats while watching the new TV that Sam brought to watch an episode of The Honeymooners. Marty immediately recognizes the episode they are watching as one he saw in 1985, which he explains by saying he saw it in a rerun, a word that confuses Lorraine's younger brother. Marty asks how to find Doc's address, which Lorraine's father says is on the east end of town. Marty knows this area as "John F. Kennedy Drive", a name Lorraine's father does not know. When Marty leaves the house, Sam calls Marty an "idiot" and warns Lorraine that if she has a child like Marty, he will disown her.

Marty goes to Doc's house (which was destroyed in a fire in the next 30 years, which is why Doc lives in his garage in 1985). When Doc, not recognizing Marty, opens the door, we see that he has a bandage on his forehead where he hit his head trying to hang a clock on the toilet. Without saying a word, he immediately hooks Marty up with his new invention: a mind reader. Doc realizes that Marty has come a long way and wants him to make a donation to the Coast Guard Youth Aid.

Frustrated, Marty directly tells Doc that his time machine is working and that he is from the future. Doc is skeptical even when Marty shows him his future driver's license and a family photo. Doc comments that since Dave's hair is gone, the photo must be a fake. However, Marty manages to convince Doc of the truth by mentioning the injury to his head that caused the flux capacitor vision. To prove Doc made it up, Marty has Doc drive him to the spot where he hid the DeLorean. Doc is thrilled to compare his drawing of a flux capacitor and see the actual device connected to the DeLorean.

After returning to Doc's property, they manage to hook up Marty's "portable television studio" to watch the video Marty made in 1985. Doc becomes very excited and panics when they get to the point on the tape where he says that time travel requires 1.21 gigawatts. of plutonium energy to power the flux capacitor. Doc explains that plutonium was very hard to find in 1955 and that the only energy source that can produce that amount of energy is lightning. It's impossible to predict a lightning strike zone, and Doc tells Marty he might be stuck in 1955 forever next Saturday night and hands him to Doc.

Now that he has a date, Doc begins to devise a plan to harness the lightning's power and send Marty home. When Marty says he can spend a week in 1955, Doc disagrees, warning him that doing so could jeopardize future history and jeopardize his entire existence. He asks Marty if he's had any interactions with anyone in the last few hours, and Marty drops the bombshell for stopping his mom and dad's first date. Doc asks to see the photo of Marty and his brothers again; Dave's head is completely gone now. This means that in order to go back to 1985, Marty must first start a romance with his parents and have his first kiss within a week.

Doc takes Marty to school the next morning. Marty is shocked to discover that the building does not have any graffiti, unlike 1985 (in part because of the large note that says "KICK HIM" taped to the back). George is further demoralized when Strickland (who lost his hair in 1955) appears and tells him he is lazy. Doc is baffled that Lorraine could fall in love with someone like George, and Marty admits that her best guess is that she originally felt sorry for him after her father nearly killed him. Doc sees their relationship as a version of the Florence Nightingale effect that occurs when nurses develop romantic feelings for their patients.

Marty tries to encourage George to talk to Lorraine, but an attempt to simply introduce her backfires as Lorraine already has a crush on Marty. Doc discovers the situation is more serious than they thought; George doesn't have the confidence to ask Lorraine out, fearing that if she says "no" he won't be able to handle a rejection and getting them together permanently might be impossible. During lunch, Marty tries to convince George again, telling him that Lorraine has been talking about him and that he should ask her to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. George spends lunch alone writing science fiction stories. Marty asks to read one of them and George refuses, saying he is afraid people will be critical. He also hints that Lorraine might want to go to prom with someone else, namely Biff, who we see sitting on the other side of the cafeteria with Lorraine trying to grope her. Marty immediately marches over to them and pulls out his mother's much larger Biff. Biff begins to push Marty away, but Marty, unlike his polite father, begins to back away and is about to fight Biff when Strickland breaks him.

Marty follows George home and begs him to ask Lorraine out. George continues to refuse, telling Marty that no one in the world will change his mind. That night, Marty sneaks into George's room in his radiation protective suit, puts his Walkman headphones on George, and bombards him with deafening Eddie Van Halen guitar riffs. Marty claims he is Darth Vader, an alien from the planet Vulcan, and bullies George into asking Lorraine out by threatening him with a "brain-melting weapon" (actually a hairdryer). To prevent George from calling his parents, Marty brings him chloroform before jumping out the window into Doc's car.

The next day, George runs into Marty at the Texaco station, disheveled and frantic after falling asleep while Marty tries to open a Pepsi; George opens it with the bottle hook on the machine. George knows he needs to ask Lorraine out, but he doesn't know what to say. Marty takes George back to Lou's restaurant, where Lorraine is hanging out with her friends. Marty suggests that George tell Lorraine, "Fate brought me to you." George orders a chocolate milkshake to calm his nerves before approaching Lorraine. It gets off to a shaky start when, in a fit of nervousness, George accidentally tears up the lines Marty has given him. Although Lorraine appears to be in love with him, George's attempt is cut short when Biff and his friends come to throw him out. When Biff demands money from George, Marty, who is sitting at the counter, "accidentally" trips over Biff. Biff turns his anger on Marty and is about to hit him when Marty makes him look away, giving Marty the opportunity to push Biff away and run for the door.

Outside, Marty grabs a passing girl's scooter, rips off the box, and turns the ground into a skateboard. Biff and his henchmen chase Marty across the town square in Biff's car. Marty can avoid serious injuries. While riding on the hood of Biff's car, he distracts her by jumping suddenly, jumping on the hood, the windshield and the backseat, and then jumping on the skateboard waiting in the back. Confused, Biff and his friends see them running towards a dump truck parked on the side of the road. All you can say is "Shit!!!!!" when the car hits the back of the truck, which dumps the entire load of manure on them. Watching the diner chase, Lorraine becomes even more drawn to the adventurer Marty.

Back at Doc's shop, the inventor shows Marty how he's going to light up the DeLorean. He will run a heavy cable down the street and build an electrical circuit. A long hook attached to the back of the car directs the screw's energy directly to the flux capacitor. The timing has to be accurate. The demo goes well, although he lights up a trash can. As Doc puts out the flames with an extinguisher, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. To Doc's surprise, it is Lorraine who follows Marty. Doc and Marty quickly cover the DeLorean with a tarp before letting Lorraine inside. Lorraine asks Marty to partner her in the magical dance under the sea. Marty tries to back off and suggests he go with George, but Lorraine is resistant to the idea, saying that a real man stands up for the woman he loves, referring to the fight Marty just had with Biff.

Suddenly, Marty finds a way to get George to win Lorraine's heart. Marty approaches George while George is doing his parents' laundry and tells him to meet him and Lorraine at Doc's car in the school parking lot at a certain time, where Marty plans to show up to "exploit" them, which he thinks is is becomes . piss her off George has to pull Marty out of the car and pretend to hit him to prove he's the bigger man.

Prom night is coming. George is already there, in a tuxedo, waiting for his cue as the black band known as the Starlighters play onstage. At Lou's Diner, Marty writes a note to Doc on a sticky note. He stuffs the note into Doc's jacket pocket as Doc uses $50 to bribe a police officer who asks if he has permission for his "weather experiment".

Marty comes to the prom with Lorraine in Doc's car. When they pull up, he asks if they can "park" for a bit. To Marty's surprise, Lorraine takes out a small bottle of whiskey and starts smoking, two bad habits she had in 1985. Marty warns her that she might regret it later, and Lorraine dismisses it, upset that Marty sounds like her mother. She is also aggressive when approaching Marty in the car, much more than Marty expected, although she later admits that she has the urge to kiss her brother as she kisses Marty hard on the mouth.

At that moment, the door opens and Marty is yanked out of the driver's seat. But to Marty's surprise, it's Biff, drunk and out for revenge for the $300 damage Marty did to his car in the manure truck accident. However, upon seeing Lorraine in the car, Biff throws Marty into Match, Skinhead and 3D, gets in the car and starts abusing them. Match, Skinhead and 3D pull Marty from behind the school and throw him into the open trunk of the first car they see, then slam the lid shut. Unfortunately, the car belongs to Marvin Berry and the Starlighters. They scare off Biff's gang and discover the keys are in Marty's trunk.

George gets to Doc's car, opens the door as planned, and says the lines Marty told him, but is shocked to realize that it's not just Biff he's dealing with, his "rescue" is now the only real one. He half-heartedly punches Biff, who grabs his arm and starts to twist it. As Biff pushes away a pleading Lorraine and bursts out laughing, George gathers his strength and courage, makes a fist with his left hand, and punches Biff in the jaw, knocking him unconscious. Marty, freed from the suitcase by Marvin Berry himself, runs to the crime scene just in time to see Biff fall to the ground at George's feet. George takes a grateful Lorraine's hand and they enter the room.

Marty, knowing that his future is not sealed until George kisses Lorraine, returns to the band to find that Marvin is unable to play guitar as he injured his hand while pulling Marty out of the cleared trunk. Marty agrees to play guitar in Marvin's place, and the band regroups and plays a love song ("Earth Angel"). Marty, already weak as his parents' love was unconfirmed, begins to fade when a classmate steps onto the dance floor between George and Lorraine, but George plucks up courage, wins Lorraine back, and they share a passionate kiss. Marty is instantly revived and finishes the song and sees his mom and dad happily in each other's arms.

Berry asks Marty to play another number with the band. Hesitant at first, Marty can't resist the opportunity and introduces the gang to "Johnny B. Goode". While Marty is playing, Marvin Berry calls his cousin Chuck (the soon-to-be-famous rock 'n' roll star) and tells him he's found the "new sound" Chuck has been looking for. Marty does the signature Chuck Berry waddle, then walks away to imitate other guitar heroes: waving his arm and kicking the amp to imitate Pete Townshend, lying onstage and kicking his legs to imitate Angus Young, from behind touching his head like Jimi Hendrix and fucking Eddie Van Halen Style. Under the audience's blank stares, Marty pauses as he loses himself in the heavy metal riffs and tells the students, "I don't think you're ready for *this*. But your kids will love it." Marty turns to leave the ball and is greeted by George and Lorraine. Lorraine asks if George is okay with taking her home, and Marty wholeheartedly agrees. He also warns them if they have a child who accidentally sets the living room rug on fire when he was eight to go easy on him, implying he is talking about himself.

In the town square, Doc waits impatiently for Marty. Marty arrives and says he needed time to get back into his 1985 clothes. As they prepare for the event, Doc sees Marty's note in his pocket. Refusing to know much about her future, she tears up the note without reading it. At that moment, a falling branch cut the cable he was laying from the clock tower to the street. Doc goes back to the clock tower and asks Marty to give him the telegram. Marty also tries to warn Doc of her death, but is drowned out by thunder. Marty runs back to the DeLorean and races to the starting point that Doc has drawn for him. While waiting for the timer to go off, he resets his target time to arrive 11 minutes before the start so he can warn Doc. At that moment, the car stops and Marty desperately tries to start it again. If restarted after time runs out, Marty will start speeding towards the town square. Despite some difficulties, Doc reconnects the cable just as lightning crosses the line and the DeLorean flies into the future, leaving some trails of fire in its wake. Doc happily celebrates in the street.

In 1985, at around 1:19 am, a homeless vagrant is seen sleeping on a bench in the town square when he is awakened by three sonic booms just as the DeLorean materializes and crashes into the porn theater at the end of the film. the block. Homeless Red plays "Crazy Drunk Drivers". Marty reverses the DeLorean and turns around, only for the car to quickly freeze due to time travel. The Libyans' blue VW minibus drove by mercilessly. Marty jumps back into the DeLorean only to crash into it.

Marty is forced to rush to the mall where the first experiment is taking place. When he arrives, we see that the sign now reads "Lone Pine Mall", another reference to how Marty accidentally altered the past when he crushed the Peabody Pine. He witnesses Doc being shot again and watches from afar as the Libyans chase his former self across the parking lot. As the DeLorean disappears and Marty's counterpart drives back to 1955, the Libyans lose control of their truck, which crashes into the photo booth, tipping over and trapping the Libyans. Marty runs into Doc. Marty is devastated that he was unable to rescue Doc in time. However, Doc suddenly sits up. Marty is stunned until Doc opens his shirt and reveals he is wearing a bulletproof vest. Marty questions him about the consequences of changing the future and the space-time continuum, and Doc admits, "Well, I was like, 'What the hell!'" Doc takes Marty home and says he's planning on venturing out 30 years in the future. So he accelerates the DeLorean to 90 mph and takes off into the night with a flash of light.

Marty wakes up the next morning to find that the furniture in his house is arranged differently. Dave wears a suit and works in an office. Linda seems to be having trouble keeping up with all the teenagers who keep calling her, much to Dave's annoyance. George and Lorraine return home from a game of tennis happy and even a little playful. Lorraine asks Marty about the camping trip he is planning with Jennifer, to which Marty mentions that the car was totaled. They all start barking about it until George shows them that Biff is waxing his car, a newer BMW, in the garage. Biff now runs a car detailing business and now works for George rather than the other way around. George seems amused by Biff's efforts to get away with as little hassle as possible (but now he's up against Biff to do the job he was hired to do: two coats of wax instead of just one). Biff jokingly says that he will do the job properly.

Moments later, Biff enters the house with a box full of copies of George's first published book, whose cover resembles Marty's appearance in the radiation suit. Marty isn't sure how to handle it all when Biff hands him a key chain. They are for the Toyota truck that she and Jennifer wanted to buy at the beginning of the film. As Marty pulls into the driveway and stares at the truck, quite amazed that the future has changed so dramatically for him and his family, Jennifer appears behind Marty. He is relieved to see her and happy that her family is happier too.

Suddenly, there's an electric shock and the DeLorean stops with screeching tires. Doc goes out, dresses wildly, and tells Marty he needs to go to the future with him; Something is wrong with his and Jennifer's children. Doc collects "fuel" by rummaging through a trash can and putting it into a new addition to the car's engine called the Mr. Fusion. The three get into the DeLorean and it pulls out of the garage. Marty tells Doc he needs to go back further to get to 88 mph since they don't have a road. Doc responds, "Roads? We don't need roads where we're going! Doc has turned the car into a hovercraft. The car takes off and flies towards the camera... and the words "To be Continued..." flash on the screen.

If you found interesting features about the movie, post them in the comments and I'll add them to this list.

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