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Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (1)

Our office coffee machines

For the ultimate coffee experience, choose one of FreshGround's premium coffee machines for your office. Stylish, simple, reliable and with a range of flexible contract options, we have the perfect solution to impress your colleagues and clients.

F-series: Bean-to-cup office coffee machines with fresh milk Everything fresh: fresh milk and fresh beans. Barista-style office coffee just a tap away.G-Series: Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines with Milk Granules for the Office Fresh espresso-based coffee beans with the simplicity and convenience of milk granules.P-series: Coffee makers for the office Coffee makers for the perfect cup of filter coffee. Ideal for hotels and meeting rooms.Why not test the waters with a free demo? If you're impressed, we offer hassle-free, full-service three-month contracts.
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F Series: Office coffee machines with fresh bean-to-cup milk

Our office fresh milk and coffee machines are the perfect coffee machine rental option for almost any office that loves coffee. However, if you're not sure, a member of our team of experts will be happy to answer your questions.

up to 200 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (6)

F5 Near Wilderness

Our top-of-the-line F5 Plus machine delivers premium quality beverages, with an innovative 10” HD touchscreen interface completing the experience. Available with dual dairy and non-dairy options.


up to 100 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (7)

F4 A kisses S1

Dispensing the highest quality espresso drinks with the addition of hot chocolate, the S15 brings the premium experience to small and mid-sized offices.


up to 125 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (8)

F4 Egro Cero

A fast and consistent machine serving the highest quality espresso drinks with added hot chocolate, the F4 is perfect for medium to large offices.


up to 75 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (9)

F3 Egro Qube

Very smart and compact design that delivers high quality coffee while being very easy to maintain and use.


up to 75 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (10)

F3 Jura GIGA X

A great off-road vehicle. Compact, attractive and with one or two bean models, your employees will never need to go out for a good coffee again. Contactless coffee with the Jura JOE app.


A series: filter coffee machines for the office

Drip style coffee without the long brew times! The A-series offers amazing filter coffee in a practical, full-bodied office coffee maker. Enjoy filtered coffee cup after cup in seconds.

up to 200 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (11)

A5 Egro next touch

With the best in design and technology, the A5 Egro is the most innovative and fully automatic filter coffee machine on the market.


G Series: Office coffee machines with bean-to-cup milk granules

Offices looking for freshly brewed coffee beans but with the convenience of milk granules love to rent our milk granule coffee machines.

up to 100 people

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (12)

G2 Krea Touch

Coffee machine with granules of milk, equipped with a 7" touch screen to make choosing drinks as easy as possible. Available with double dairy and non-dairy options.


P-Series: Office pour-over filter coffee machines

Our pour-on coffee machines are perfect for the hospitality industry and corporate boardrooms. All of our machines are set to the FreshGround office coffee standard, so you can brew great tasting filter coffee with minimal effort.

Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (13)

P3 Bunn ICB

Ideal for keeping the coffee flowing in high capacity areas, the P3 Drip Coffee Maker comes in a variety of brew sizes.


Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (14)

P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

Extremely compact and easy to use, the P2's SmartWAVE technology delivers superb filter coffee at the touch of a button.


The advantages of a coffee machine in the office

The secret to a good cup of coffee? Is easy. Start with great coffee beans. With our bean-to-cup coffee makers, you can enjoy fresh, delicious barista-style coffee at work to safely start your day!

Show them you care

If your team values ​​a quality coffee experience at work, then so should you. A bean-to-cup coffee maker can go a long way toward showing your team you appreciate them, and a simple office perk like this can go a long way toward attracting and retaining top talent.

feel good at the office

Think how many new ideas, great conversations, productive meetings start with the words "let's go for coffee". Coffee breaks are an important part of office culture, so don't settle for less than the best! Research has even shown that coffee can help boost employee well-being, increase engagement and boost productivity.

Less Waste - Premium Flavor

The FreshGround range of coffee makers are a more sustainable option for your office than alternative coffee makers that use single-use plastic pods or capsules. And with our greenest coffee machines, you can't beat the taste of a hot cup of coffee made with freshly ground premium coffee beans.

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Read our latest customer reviews


Check out what some of our customers say about us.

We've had FreshGround coffee in our office for over two years now and I have to say the customer service is fantastic.

Zubar Bham

Office manager London fine writing pens

FreshGround offers excellent machines. We have an office with more than 100 employees and employees use machines a lot. Great customer service. Featured products.

Samantha Gallagher

Secretary, CBRE

The machine is one touch so easy to use. Happy employees are more productive. Ordering supplies is easy and FreshGround has never failed to deliver overnight.

Mick Jones

Facilities Manager, Shipleys LLP

common questions

What is the right coffee machine for our office?

We offer a variety of coffee machines to suit all types and sizes of workspace. Machine recommendations are based on the number of people in an office. The larger the office, the larger the machine needed to maintain the workplace. Our coffee machine comparison page can also help you choose the right machine and packaging for your needs.

You may also want to consider options to add interest to your coffee maker's options, such as: B. vegan milk options, iced foamy drinks, and perfect black coffee. Check out our new ideas page to learn more.

Are the machines fast and easy to use?

Yes, all our machines are simple and easy to use. Our machines ensure that employees have immediate access to fresh coffee, avoid crowding in kitchen areas and reduce waiting times. Ourcontactless and one-touch machinesthey are even easier to use.

Are coffee machines easy to clean?

All of our coffee machines can be easily cleaned in seconds. We also offer cleaning kits for coffee makers, making cleaning easier and keeping the equipment spotless. Check out our ultimate guideHow to clean your coffee maker.

Where can you install a coffee machine in the office?

Our coffee machines don't need to be installed in the kitchen, they can be installed almost anywhere in the office where you want the machine. Discover ourinstallation galleryfor inspiration!

Are coffee machines sustainable?

Our coffee machines offer a more sustainable option for hot drinks in the workplace. Not only does this help employees save money by making breakfast in the office, it also means your employees produce less waste by not purchasing disposable coffee cups.

Many machines, mainly domestic ones, are using capsules to prepare coffee, generating non-recyclable waste. Bean to cup machines don't use extra packaging for each cup as they are always ground fresh and for anyone who enjoys gardening coffee grounds make a great fertilizer - a brilliant recycling system!

Beside,our coffeeIt's made by Rainforest Alliance certified farms, which means you can enjoy your breakfast knowing that you and your employees are helping to support coffee farmers and their communities.

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Office coffee machines - Flexible rental - FreshGround (20)


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