sewing machine too fast? See how to fix the problem (2023)

sewing machine too fast? See how to fix the problem (1)
Just like driving a car, some people like to sew fast, while others want their sewing machine to run at the right speed. But what if your sewing machine pretends to have a mind of its own? What would you do if your sewing machine took off like a speeding race car and left you dazed on the tracks?

Table of Contents:

  • Why do sewing machines run too fast?
  • How do I control the speed of my sewing machine?
  • How important is speed control on a sewing machine?
  • How can I control the speed of the Brother sewing machine?
  • How to control the speed of the Janome sewing machine?
  • How to fix the pedal of the sewing machine?

Why do sewing machines run too fast?

Sewing machines run faster when you depress the foot pedal in full mode. It is normal for industrial sewing machines to sew very fast because that is how they are made. But when an ordinary sewing machine goes too fast,may indicate pedal problems. When this happens, it can be very difficult to control your sewing, especially when you are just learning how to use a sewing machine.

Sewing machines that run too fast are a common problem faced by seamstresses. Don't worry too much though, as there is an equally quick and easy solution.

How do I control the speed of my sewing machine?

Different brands and manufacturers have different makes and models of their sewing machines. For example, some brands have easy access to sewing machine speed controls. Some machines may have it in the foot pedal and even others may not have this feature.

Mechanical sewing machine models only havethe pedal to increase or decrease the sewing speed. However, many modern sewing machines havea speed adjustment screw or dialthat you can turn to slow down the sewing speed.

To make sure your sewing machine has a speed adjustment screw or dial, check the instruction manual for the location. The user's manual may contain information on how to solve common problems with the sewing machine. One is the problem of speed control.

If the manual lists a speed adjustment screw or dial, a small adjustment to that feature can slow down the pedal.

Modern sewing machines often have a speed dial that can be adjusted on the body of the machine. With this function you can decrease or speed up the sewing speed. However, if the lever is not working as it should, you may need the help of a sewing machine repairman.

How important is speed control on a sewing machine?

Speed ​​control is a very useful feature on many sewing machines. But not all sewing machines have them. It keeps the speed of your machine constant no matter how hard you push the pedal.

It is normal for beginners to feel overwhelmed by the speed of the sewing machine. However, it would be helpful if novice sewers could discover the value of speed control to see how it can help them have a more comfortable sewing experience.

Sewing machine without speed control

If a machine does not have a speed control feature, you can only adjust the speed based on the amount of pedal pressure you apply. When your sewing machine is running at a high speed, it can be a challenge for children and sewing beginners.

Speed ​​Control Sewing Machine

You don't have to worry about jerking when sewing at high speed if you have a speed-controlled sewing machine. The first thing to do is place the speed control lever in a low gear. Then try sewing at low speed. The machine stays at the same speed no matter how much pedal pressure you apply. As you become more comfortable with your sewing machine, you can gradually adjust the speed that you are comfortable with.

The speed control feature is also useful when you need to work on more complex techniques like curves and intricate details.

A speed control feature on your sewing machine allows you to set the maximum speed that you are comfortable with. The sewing speed will never exceed the selected speed no matter how hard you press the foot controller.

Some of the best computerized sewing machines have a button that you press instead of a slider to set the maximum speed at which you can work.

How can I control the speed of the Brother sewing machine?

Not all sewing machines are equipped with a speed control. But most modern, computerized sewing machines made in recent times have them. Speed ​​control is important, especially for beginners learning to thread fabric through the needle. A speed controller is also essential for learning new sewing skills, such as curve stitches.

There are times when you don't need to run your machine very fast and having a speed control feature on your sewing machine is a great help. Most Brother sewing machine models have a speed dial that you can set to your favorite speed.

The Brother sewing machine has a speed dial that you can slide left or right to select the desired sewing speed. Sliding the lever to the left sews slower, sliding it to the right sews faster.

How to control the speed of the Janome sewing machine?

A tip for a smooth and enjoyable sewing experience; Discover the unique features of your machine that will make sewing easier for you. Most modern Janome sewing machines have a quick fix to the problem of sewing machines that sew too fast.

Janome machines have a speed controller with three speeds to choose from. You can adjust the slider to set your machine to the speed you are most comfortable with.

Another tip for using a Janome machine with a start-stop button is to help you with the cruise control. To start sewing, lower the presser foot. Then keep pressing the start/stop button, you will see your machine sew at the slowest speed. It ensures that your fabric moves correctly under the needle, ultimately giving you complete control. When everything is in place, you can release the start/stop button. The machine then accelerates according to the speed set in the cruise control.

When you have finished sewing, press and hold the start/stop button again. Once you start sewing, the machine will sew at its slowest speed for better control. When you reach the end of the fabric, release the start/stop button and the machine will stop permanently. You can also use this trick when sewing complex curves and patterns.

How to fix the pedal of the sewing machine?

The foot pedal on a sewing machine helps control the speed of sewing. The design is uncomplicated, so a simple push of your foot can activate your foot pedal and start your sewing machine.

The foot pedal works when you press down on the moving part of the platter, and the internal parts make the electrical connection to run your machine. The current flows through the cable connections inside the pedal box. Once the moving plate hits the small metal switch below, electricity flows through the circuit, allowing you to sew.

Sometimes a foot pedal malfunction will cause your sewing machine to run too fast. Quick sewing is a common situation with treadle sewing machines and is easily fixed. However, before making any adjustments to the pedal, you should first read the operating instructions.

The manual will tell you if the foot controller has a screw or dial that you can adjust to slow down the sewing speed. Most machines usually have this screw or dial that you turn inside the pedal. So you only need a small screwdriver to adjust.

The first thing you should do is open the pedal compartment. Then find the screw or dial that you can turn to slow down. Realigning the contact points so that less force is applied to the machine through the foot pedal allows you to reduce sewing speed. On the other hand, you can turn it the other way and increase the contact points; They add more power to make your machine sew faster.

Not all foot controllers are created equal, so it's important to understand the ways you can adjust your sewing speed. Older pedals may not have the screw or knob that you turn. If necessary, have a professional check if they can still be adjusted or if they need to be replaced.

Sewing machine professionals have the knowledge and experience to deal with these mechanical problems. They are the only ones who can help you make the correct settings if they are available for your pedal. If your foot controller works with a computer controlled sewing machine, you should consult an expert before using it.

A work pedal is a great help for seamstresses, especially beginners. This leaves both hands free for other sewing tasks, such as sewing. B. to control the fabric so that it passes smoothly over the needle when sewing.

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