Subnautica Crafting Guide: How to Craft, Maker, Crafting Recipes (2023)

There are a lot of things you can create in Subnautica. can be anythingElectronics stapleto vehicles. With such a wide range of crafting and creating new things, recipes can be extremely difficult to remember or even find.

This Subnautica crafting guide will ensure you know almost every recipe in the game. This will be your place to find out how to create the next thing you need to survive. We cover everything from bleach to drumming; So keep this guide open as you play the game and rest assured that you won't face any trouble on the crafting side.

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Subnautical Manufacturing

As you may already know, let's take a look at all item recipes. The items themselves fall into different categories such as basic materials, food, vehicles and scanner room. Let's take a look at all these categories and get acquainted with how to create everything you need from a selected category.

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Since you'll be using the maker to create most of the things you need, it's best to tell them how to create a maker first. To create a fabricator, you must combine samples of titanium, gold, and table coral to form a constructor that transforms into a fabricator. After that, you can focus on using it to craft food, tools, gear, and machinery.

Manufacturer's recipes

All of the following recipes you see require you to use the maker. You already know how to create a manufacturer, so let's go ahead and take a look at how the items are created.

Remember that the Fabricator can also be used to cook food. As long as you have a sample of raw food, you can use the Maker to cook it. Alternatively, if you kill an animal with a Thermoblade, you can also cook the food. Using a thermal blade will give you already cooked food as long as you can collect it from the corpse. You can also heal food if you have a salt depot at the manufacturer.

basic materials

These are the basic standard items you need to survive.

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Titanmetal recovery
Titanium barsTitan x10
Fiber braidProbe Creepvine x2
Silicone RubberCreepvine X2-Samencluster
GlasQuartz x2
bleachingSalt Deposit + Common Coral Sample
lubricantCreepvine Seed Cluster x2
MagnesiumSalzvorkommen x3
enameled glassChasing tooth + glass
PlastahlbarrenTitan + Lithiumbarren

advanced materials

These are some of the more advanced materials that you will use depending on the situation.

synthetic fibersBenzene + fiber braid
CareerUranite crystal x3
BenzeneBlutöl x3
AerogelRubin + Gelbeutel
Polyanilingold + hydrochloric acid


Electronics will be vital to your survival in the depths of the ocean. Let's see how to create them.

copper cableKupfererz x2
DrumsAcid Mushroom x2 + Copper Ore
power cellBattery x2 + silicone rubber
ComputerchipCoral Specimen Table x2 + Silver Ore + Quartz
cablesetSilbererz x2
Extended wiring kitGold x2 + Computerchip
ReactorstabUranus + Blei + Titan


Various equipment that will be useful to you on the way.

O2-TankTitanio x4 + Vidrio
finsDrank silicone x2
radiation suitFasergeflecht x2 + Blei x2
still tenderFaserpanzer x2 + Silbererz x2
First aid kitbleach + fiber fabric
RespiratorCable set + fiber optic network
cannonTitan x3
CompassMagnetit + Computerchip
High capacity O2 tankTanque de O2 + Litio x4
floating cargo finsFins + polyaniline + cable set
Ultra Glide FinsFins + titanium + lithium + silicone rubber x2


You'll need them if all goes well, and you'll need them just as well if you're surviving in a post-apocalyptic underwater society.

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ScannerTitan x2 + Batterie
welderMagnesium + Crashpulver + Titan
Lanternbattery + glass
survival knifeTitanium + silicone rubber
dive reelTry Creepvine x5 + Titan
swim bladderSilicone hose x2 + airbag
flare gunshock powder
habitat buildercomputer chip + battery
laser cutterBattery + Diamond + Titan
Stasis RifleAdvanced Wiring Kit + Batterie + Titan
TerraformadorExtended cable set + battery
Engine CannonAdvanced Wiring Kit + Batterie + Titan
lightstickBattery + titanium + glass


All of these elements can be used on a surface to function. They can serve a number of useful purposes and some of them can be used to create new things.

sea ​​slideBattery + lubricant + copper wire + titanium
Mobile vehicle compartmentTitanium Ingot + Lubricant + Power Cell
Metacopper + titanium wire
StromgeneratorBattery + Lubricant + Titanium
waterproof cabinetTitan x3
Grab ballBattery x2 + battery + copper wire

Mod Station Recipes

The mod station can be used to build a whole bunch of things. It can be placed on any of its mobile bases, making it handy to have on the go.

To create a mod station you need a computer chip, titanium, diamond, lead and a constructor. Finally, you will learn how to create a constructor. First, let's take a look at what you can do with the Mod Station.

hardened bladeSurvival Knife + Diamond
ThermofolieSurvival Knife + Battery
Plasteel-TankO2-Tank + Lithium
High capacity tankTanque O2 + Titanio x2
Ultra Glide FinsFins + silicone drunk x2
floating cargo finsFins + cable set
RepulsorkanoneEngine gun + computer chip
Ultra hull reinforcement moduleCyclops Pressure Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x10 + Alumina Crystal
MK2 pressure compensatorSeamoth Pressure Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x2 + Alumina Crystal + Computer Chip
MK3 pressure compensatorSeamoth MK2 Pressure Compensator + Plasteel Ingot x3, Alumina Crystal + Computer Chip
lithium ion batteryBatterie + Lithium

Recipes for building habitats

The habitat builder is a very important part of your arsenal. You can use it to build a variety of different things. It's nice because you can use it to build a Seamoth mod system along with solar panels, which makes crafting a bit more varied and easier. To build a habitat builder, you need a set of cables, a computer chip, a maker, and a battery. After building a habitat builder you can go ahead and use these recipes:

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Compartments inside the builder

These recipes are for additions to your builder.

LukeTitan x2 + Glas
I runTitan x2
The corridorTitan x2
Corridor TTitan x2
Corridor XTitan x2
VentanaVideos x2
reinforcementLithium + Titan x2
BaseTitan x4
LeiterTitan x2
I glaze roomsVideos x2
The corridor glassVideos x2
Multipurpose bedroomTitan x6
Vertical ConnectorTitan x2
get circumcisedTitan x2 + Silicon Kautschuk x2
Alien-ContainmentTitanio + Vidrio x4
water filter machineTitan x2
ObservatoryEnameled Glass x3
Swimming pool for rentTitanium Bar x4 + Lube x4 + Advanced Wiring Kit
ScannerraumEnameled Glass + Titanium x3 + Computer Chip x2
Seamoth-Mod-StationTitan x2 + Glas + Computerchip x2
living wallTitan

allowed to

These upgrades increase the power that goes into your builder.

Panel-SolarTitan x2 + Quarz x2
BioreactorTitanium x4 + Lube
power transmitterGold + Titan
Nuclear reactorTitanium Ingot x2 + Chumbo x3 + Lube
thermal plantTitanium Ingot + Magnetite x2 + Lubricant

domestic appliances

These upgrades increase utility and allow you to craft more items.

Communication relayTitan x2
AquariumTitan x2 + Glas
ManufacturerTitan x2 + wiring harness + computer chip
CabinetTitan x2 + Glas
closetTitanium x2 + Quartz
Copper wire shieldcopper cable
Manufacturer of medical kitsTitan x5 + Quarz x5
framecopper cable
Modification stationTitan x2 + wiring harness + computer chip
ChargerTitanium x2 + glass + copper wire + computer chip
internal construction siteTitan x2
Power Cell ChargerTitanium x2 + glass + copper wire + computer chip
Fragment-ParserTitan x2 + wiring harness + computer chip
stand outTitan x2 + Glas
sample analyzerTitan x2 + wiring harness + computer chip


As the title says, just random stuff to add to your constructor.

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low hillTitan
Garbage canTitan x2
vending machineTitan x2 + Glas
Laboratory trash canTitan x2
bar tableTitan + Glas
laboratory counterTitan x2
CameraTitan x3

Recipes for mobile vehicle builders

The Mobile Vehicle Bay is a detachable part that you can craft as it is mentioned in the dedicated section. We're going to talk about the vehicles you can build with it, and then we're going to mention some other things you can build into those vehicles.

SeemotteTitanium Ingot x1 + Energy Cell x1 + Glass x2 + Lubricant x1
ZyklopPlasteel Barren x 5 + Emailliertes Glas x5 + Advanced Wiring Kit x1 + Lube x 2

Seamoth Mod system updates

You can craft the following items in your Seamoth's mod system.

PrintMark 1 Kompensator-Computerchip + Plasteel-Barren
energy efficiency moduleComputerchip
Seamoth solar chargerTitanium + quartz + computer chip
memory moduleTitan x3
Seamoth perimeter defense systemExtended wiring kit
Torpedo-SystemMagnetit + Computerchip
Sonar SeamExtended wiring kit
hull reinforcementTitan x2
Thermoreactor extinguishedTitanium + magnetite + advanced cable set
Pierced arm with exosuitTitan x2 + Computerchip
Exosuit Jump Jet-UpgradeAluminum Oxide Crystal + Plasteel Bars
Exosuit-AntriebskanoneTitan x3 + Computerchip
Seamoth Vortex TorpedoTitan x2
Seamoth-GastorpedoTitan x2 + Gaskapsel x2

That's all we have for our Subnautica Crafting Guide. Let us know if we've missed anything via the comments section below!


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