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We updated this guide in September 2022 to add new options based on recent embroidery machine tests.Institute for the good maintenance of the houseAdded textile lab and more information to our test protocols.

Home embroidery machines are an easy (and quick!) way to personalize your clothing with custom designs. While you may want to try the latest embroidery trend on jeans, dresses, and sweatshirts, embroidery by hand can be time consuming (and downright exhausting) and can leave accidental prick marks on your fingers. Whether you need a new embroidery machine for your home business or want to try a new hobby, using an embroidery machine isn't as easy as pushing a button; They still require skill, understanding, and a lot of time to master for optimal results.

Our textile DIY professionals inInstitute for the good maintenance of the houseTextiles Lab recently tested 13 differentsewing machinesand embroidery machines to find the most powerful styles that are easy to use and create beautiful designs every time. After looking at over 100 data points on performance, ease of use, and features, we found the best embroidery machines on the market.

Our top picks:

Shop for an embroidery machine and read on to learn more about the features to look for in a new machine, answers to frequently asked questions about embroidery machines, and more about how we test embroidery and sewing machines in our lab.


      Best overall embroidery machine


      SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine

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      • automatic threader
      • Large 5 x 7 inch embroidery area
      • Hell
      • Some reviewers found it difficult to load custom themes

      It works as much as an embroidery.misewing machine, this Brother tine is rated top-notch for good reason: it's easy to use with its clear controls like auto thread cutter, speed control, and needle up/down, plus all the accessories what you need to get started. . With over 1,000 great reviews on Amazon, experts and reviewers agree on this.Large 5" x 7" embroidery area accommodates a variety of design sizes. GH reviewers appreciated how intuitive the Brother sewing machines are and found it easy to operate the automatic threader and winder. Some reviewers note that uploading designs via the USB port can be confusing at first.

      Weight22 pounds
      integrated projects138 layouts and 11 fonts
      Ability to upload custom designsYes, via USB
      machine typesingle needle


      Embroidery machine with the best value for money


      SE600 sewing machine

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      • easy to understand controls
      • affordable price point
      • Variable speed settings
      • Smaller embroidery area

      At less than $500, this sewing machine with embroidery options is a real bargain. witha clear LCD display, easy-to-load bobbin, variable speeds, and free-motion sewing capabilities, this Brother machine has everything you need for your sewing and embroidery projects. There's a 4" x 4" embroidery area for using the 80 built-in designs, as well as a USB port for uploading custom images. Our pros found the instructions provided easy to understand, making it the perfect purchase for beginners.

      Weight26.3 pounds
      integrated projects80 designs and 6 fonts
      Ability to upload custom designsYes, via USB
      machine typesingle needle


      The best luxury embroidery machine for custom designs.

      baby lock

      Altair sewing and embroidery machine

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      baby lock

      • Bluetooth functions with app
      • Huge embroidery workstation
      • Contains four different tires.
      • caro

      With a large touch screen and Bluetooth capabilities, this deluxe Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machine has everything you need for all kinds of sewing projects.GH reviewers were impressed with the IQ Intuition Positioning app for uploading custom designs wirelesslyonly to the machine. The huge workspace accommodates frames up to 9.5" x 14" for larger embroideries. The touch screen was easy to navigate and customize all the included themes. With great user-friendly features like automatic thread trimming and backtacking, this machine also worked perfectly as a sewing machine.

      Weight37.5 pounds
      integrated projects494 designs with 32 fonts
      Ability to upload custom designsYes, via Bluetooth or USB
      machine typesingle needle


      The best embroidery machine for home businesses


      MB-7 seven-needle embroidery machine

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      • Accessories included as tray and embroidery table.
      • standalone print queue
      • bright LED lights
      • Without sewing functions

      If you take advantage of current embroidery trends and resell your designsEtsyor other online sites, this Janome multi-needle embroidery machine is worth investing in. You can pre-thread all seven needle heads for faster multicolor embroidery. With a maximum embroidery size of 9.4" x 7.9", this machine is suitable for a variety of design styles and features a USB port for uploading designs. As a multi-needle machine, it does not have a sewing function. Reviewers especially appreciate the large LCD screen,Independent bobbin winder (allows you to wind bobbins while the machine is embroidering!)and lots of free accessories included.

      Weight50 pounds
      integrated projects50 layouts and 10 fonts
      Ability to upload custom designsYes, via USB
      machine typeMultiple needles (7 needles)


      The best embroidery machine for embroidering and sewing.


      Sewing and embroidery machine B79

      This hottest DIY fashion has never been easier (11)


      • Automatic threading and cutting functions
      • huge work table
      • Huge 10 x 6.3 inch tire size.
      • It takes time to master new features

      GH reviewers stated that sewing and embroidery with this machine was "a total game changer." Innovative features likeFinishing (no backstitch needed) and thread trimming can be programmed to be performed automatically.You can even adjust the stitches by drawing on the large touch screen. Larger 10" x 6.3" hoop size for single color embroidery designs. It has an impressive speed of 1,000 stitches per minute. After trying it out, all GH reviewers agreed that this was one of their favorite machines.

      Weight47 pounds (with all accessories included)
      integrated projects208 drawings
      Ability to upload custom designsYes, via USB
      machine typeeinnadelmaschine


      The best embroidery machine for beginners.


      Stickmaschine PE535

      This hottest DIY fashion has never been easier (12)


      • payable price
      • Stickfield 4" x 4"
      • LCD touch screen
      • Without sewing functions

      Embroidery machines tend to be bulky and quite heavy, but this slimmer style from Brother is just an embroidery machine with no sewing capability, so it's much lighter. There is an LCD screen to view your designs in full color with a USB port to upload a custom design. Embroidered floral designs and text with ease.The professionals at GH Lab found it easy to set up the machine, thread the machine and choose a design— a good choice for beginners.

      Weight15 pounds
      integrated projects80 layouts and 9 fonts
      Ability to upload custom designsYes, via USB
      machine typeeinnadelmaschine

      How we test embroidery machines:

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      The Good Housekeeping Institute Textile Laboratory has tested dozens of embroidery machines, sewing machines, and serger machines over the years. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our experts have rounded up machines from the best brands on the market and tested them in the lab to see which ones are worth buying.In our latest test, we tested 13 different machines, resulting in over 100 different data points to analyze.We evaluate each machine based on the following criteria:

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      Felipe Friedman

      ✔️Resources:Embroidery machines continue to innovate with new features available on the latest generation models. During testing, we looked at features like the ability to upload custom designs, a variety of hoop sizes, automatic thread cutting/casting, and included accessories. We also benchmark these features against the price and performance of the machine to see if it's really worth paying for.

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      Felipe Friedman

      ✔️Easy to use:Setting up an embroidery machine can be a daunting task, especially for embroidery beginners. GH reviewers rate the readability of each instruction manual and all included accessories. We also rate the difficulty of changing frames, choosing a design, threading the needle, and adjusting tension and speed.

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      Felipe Friedman

      ✔️Performance:For this test, we set up several different embroidery designs, including flowers and text, to see how accurately the machine stitches. Any inaccuracies or difficulties in creating an embroidery design will be noted by us. GH reviewers also submitted a custom theme when it became available. If the embroidery machine also had sewing capabilities, we also evaluated the sewing performance of the machine.

      What functions you should pay attention to when buying an embroidery machine

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      ✔️ Size:If you plan to take your machine to sewing classes or groups, opt for a smaller machine. While it doesn't have as many bells and whistles, the largest embroidery machines can weigh more than 50 pounds.

      ✔️sewing capacity:While some embroidery machines have sewing capabilities, others are for embroidery only. However, most single-needle embroidery machines work like sewing machines.

      ✔️Rim Options:The design area limits the size of your embroidery designs. Most machines have tires that are 4 to 10 inches long.

      ✔️Projects:While embroidery machines come with a variety of built-in designs, it's not just limited to the ones that are included, as many also have a USB port for uploading custom designs. Pro tip: Check to see if the brand has an online website where you can see thousands of other embroidery options.

      What is the difference between a single needle and a multi-needle embroidery machine?

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      Embroidery machines are single or multi-needle, which means you can only use one color at a time (single) or the machine can accommodate multiple colors (multiple). Most combination sewing and embroidery machines are single-needle machines. You can still design with multiple colors on these machines, but the machine will prompt you to change the thread each time.Multi-needle machines have different thread colors at once, so you don't have to change them manually.for faster embroidery speeds. Just keep in mind that these models tend to be larger and more expensive, as they are generally designed for home-based businesses.

      How to use a computer controlled embroidery machine?

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      To get started, make sure you have a few necessary tools on hand for best results: sharp scissors, embroidery floss, and sturdy fabric. Follow these basic instructions to begin your embroidery journey:

      1. Create your project:Choose from a bundled theme or load one via the USB port. We recommend going for an integrated theme with minimal colors to start with, as complex and colorful themes are more challenging.
      2. Select machine inputs:Depending on the pattern you choose, make sure the number of colors and the order of the stitches on the machine are correct. On a multi-needle machine, make sure the thread colors match the numbers on the needle heads correctly.
      3. From shape to the canvas:Hoop the fabric (make sure it's not wrinkled first!) and make sure all the stabilizer is attached before inserting the inner hoop ring. Place the frame on the machine and make sure the needle starts right where you want the design to be.
      4. Begin:Press the start button and be sure to stop when you need to change colors.

      Why trust Good Housekeeping?

      This hottest DIY fashion has never been easier (20)

      emma seymour is a Senior Textile Product Analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she worked for more than three years overseeing laboratory and consumer tests for sewing machines, embroidery machines, and overlockers. With a degree in Fiber Science and Garment Design from Cornell University, he has extensive experience and knowledge in sewing research.

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