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Chevy Chase floor wax


Chris was responsive, timely and professional. He's done a great job. I would recommend Chevy Chase wax to anyone! In fact, I've already recommended them to my neighbors because they all have the same waxed floor.

- katarina h....

J.R.N.T. housekeeping


John and his team arrived on time and ready to go. They stripped and waxed our tile floor in one day. Other companies had higher prices and would take longer to complete the job. We were made to feel comfortable after meeting John who is on site, he would look great and exceeded our expectations.Expectations. The best part is that we created a maintenance schedule with them so we know the floor will continue to look good for years to come. I recommend JRNT

-Steve S....

DNA Pro Cleanser & Restore


I am very pleased with the great job Mike and Jovan, the technicians, did in cleaning the hardwood floors in the living room, dining room and hall that were long overdue for cleaning, waxing and polishing. They arrived at the appointed time; washed the floor well (twice); put on a coatpolish and polish them. Mike informed me that I have a massive build up of wax from previous wax applications and recommended that I sand the floor to repair the damage. I appreciate his honesty and professionalism. I will be doing business with DNA Fresh Carpet in the future


Chevy Chase floor wax


It was OK. He taught me a lot about hardwood floors that I didn't know (original waxed floors from the 1940's). owner-managed.

(Video) Stripping and Waxing VCT FLOORS the right way. How Rodriguez Cleaning does floor cleaning.

- Linda C....

KB cleaning services


The floors of the medical clinic were dull and dirty. KB cleaning came and polished and waxed the floors. Now they look like new. The staff thought we replaced the tile.

asked W...

C&S Services, LLC


Perfect. The owner, Courtney King, was on time with the necessary equipment to perform the required functions. His estimate of the time it would take to complete was also correct. The examples on the C&S Services, LLC website are impressive and I admit I was skeptical. But I was very happy andI would definitely use them again. The price was reasonable if not lower than other companies I contacted

-Beryll F....

Cleaning of chandelier carpets


This company had a bit of a difficult time managing communication with us. However, his work appeared to be top-notch, well-priced, and well-done. I would choose a company like this over any other company that appears smooth in their communication and responsiveness but is really bad at executionmanage customer expectations. At least for me, the substance counts! I respect the company's honesty and focus on doing the right thing. This is clearly a family business with a lot of experience in this type of work. Jim is a very nice guy who also told us the story of his father who started the company and traveled the world. We would definitely hire this company again.

-Alexander z....

elegant apartments services


Cliff Small met me for an offer. He was very punctual and informative. The workers were very friendly and punctual. You have done a good job.

-Lori W....



You did a great job. He explained all the charges in detail and completed the job on time. The representatives were very professional and polite. Highly recommended.

-Douglas P....

(Video) Top Scrubbing Floor For Waxing

Paloma Floors LLC


It was a pleasure working with Dove Floors and they did an excellent job! I have waxed and waxed our church basement vinyl floor and the floor has never looked better. Dove Floors also gave a thorough cleaning to several carpets in the classroom and the carpet in the office area. All services are provided byHusband and wife who are very professional, prompt and courteous with excellent communication throughout the process. I would highly recommend this company for any home or commercial floor cleaning needs.

- Bj I....

Randolph Floor Service Inc.


The service was excellent. The guy was on time and very efficient. The stains on the carpet (which I wasn't sure would come off) are gone and the floor looks like new. I will call them again when I renovate the upstairs.

-Roberto F....

Visionary Floor Care, LLC


I have used this company for two different industrial supply companies that I have worked for. I was pleased with their work and response time and hope to be able to leave them in an unmanned workshop while they work. They will come and clean the floor when it suits business, not whenit is convenient for you. They always do quality work and you will be happy with the results. The gentleman. William Jackson is very polite and professional and genuinely cares about the results of each project.

-Patricio B....

COIT cleaning and restoration services

(Video) How to Strip a Floor | Floor Refinishing Part 1 | Clean Care


You have done a fantastic job. My curtains were dirty because they hadn't been cleaned in a long time. They gave me a 40% discount for this service. They didn't tear them down but cleaned them instead. You are one of the few who would do this. When they were here, I asked them to do somethingother things for me and were willing to help me. The price was just wonderful.

- Carol C....

J.R.N.T. housekeeping


The floor in my living room and dining room was so boring and drab. My floors came out great with an amazing shine. I would really recommend the cleaning company J.R.N.T who not only specialize in upgrading my floors but also do a good professional polish. Trust and believe that I will call her againFIVE BIG STARS

- Maria is....

DNA Pro Cleanser & Restore


I made the appointment. the day I bought the service. In a follow-up call, I asked what I needed to do to prepare for his visit on February 10th. While we were discussing service, the gentleman told me that he couldn't clean my hardwood floor because it had been waxed beforehand. He told me he could just sand it down.That's more than I expected. He also said that I should never use wax and use polyurethane instead. Our flooring comes from our house and consists of raw wood. It's not like today's parquet floor. What she wanted was to clean the floor, then smooth out the carpet and bring a little life into the room. I'm not ready or willing to strip and grind and such. Thanks

- Joyce J....

Choose Smart Cleaning Inc.


John responded immediately and made an appointment for the appraisal. He was punctual and polite. During the appraisal process, I noticed that John set the price almost arbitrarily (out of his head) and very quickly. I was a little surprised at the lack of consideration and suchreasonable analysis (e.g. affordable, square footage, etc.) but didn't do much of it at the time. However, my gut feeling told me something was wrong. Luckily we made several offers. I'm glad I didn't hire this company as their estimate was exceptional than any other. For example, for waxing and polishing, they wanted to charge almost twice as much as a highly reputable company in the business. We won't be calling them for services in the future because if they can't make an honest offer or meet the customer's needs, how can they do anything else?

-Alexander z....

EE. UU. Pro Floors LLC


Leone and her team took old, worn floors covered in sticky carpet scraps and literally turned them into a work of art. Without their efforts, the property would have been more difficult to sell and buyers would never have experienced the pleasure of owning homes over 50 years Meticulous attention to detail, removing all carpet staples, sanding again, then waxing/polishing. Added the matching shape to complete the look.

- Timothy D....

(Video) How to Wax a Wood Floor

Baxter Apartments


The contractor did an excellent job cleaning and removing the wax deposits on the original hardwood floors. Also the flooring product provided (to maintain the floors) was much appreciated. As promised, a cost estimate (by email) for grinding, painting, etcand sealed - back to "old glory".

- Janice B....

DNA Pro Cleanser & Restore


It turned out very well. You have done a very good job. They arrived on time. It was very nice to work with them. I would recommend them. I have waxed hardwood floors which are not very common anymore and are a bit difficult to clean and I appreciate the fact that this companyThey told me about the process they used to not destroy the finish on the floor but still clean the oven. I found them to be very knowledgeable when it came to doing somewhat unusual work. It turned out very well. The price seemed very reasonable.

- Carol P....

Bermón carpet cleaning


We are confronted with the fact that our 17 year old carpets and linoleum need to be replaced but we have decided to try a professional cleaning for now which is cheaper than a replacement. Marco in Bermon didn't let us down. Last summer she cleaned the carpets as best she could due to longtime pets.Today you turned our yellow construction linoleum into a beautiful floor that we are no longer afraid of guests! Marco is personable, professional and accommodating. He was open on both estimates and we felt his services were worth every penny. We will return it for sure

(Video) How To Strip Wax or Finish Off Floors

- Cecilia M....


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